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Bayonetta 3
Bayonetta 3
Game Rating
User Ratings: 26
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Stone-cold sober, as a matter of fact
Version Reviewed: European
What’s the greatest pure action game series of all time? Is it Ninja Gaiden? Max Payne? Devil May Cry or something else entirely? Whatever your own personal preferences in this regard, one certainty is that there are only a handful of franchises which have truly managed to knock it out of the park with regards to serving up a nigh-on perfect parade of absolute bangers. With Bayonetta 3, PlatinumGames’ series gets to take its place very high up this most exclusive of lists, as this latest outing for their unstoppable Umbra Witch makes for a pretty much untouchable hack-and-slash trilogy.
It’s been a very long wait, eight whole years in total, since we last stepped into the gun-strapped shoes of everyone’s favourite angel hunter, but she’s finally back and faster, better, and stronger than ever. We didn’t dare believe that Bayonetta 3 could live up to the showstopping highs of its superlative predecessors, but within just the first hour or so of this third helping of absolute chaos, we knew we were in for something truly special.
What PlatinumGames has served up here is a threequel that takes the delicious core combat of the first two Bayonetta games, that finely balanced masterwork of considered combos and carefully timed dodges, and adds a bunch of new mechanics that raise the whole thing up to an entirely new level without the slightest negative affect on what makes this series feel so fantastic in the first place. We had our concerns that Bayonetta 3’s Infernal Demons, those great big showy monstrosities you can now summon to fight by your side, could shift the balance away from the fantastically tight combos and Witch Time magic that’s made these games such an endless joy to return to repeatedly over the years, but we’re actually getting to have our cake and eat it here as this is the best this series’ combat has ever been.
The screen-shaking side-kicks you can now call on to assist you in battle are such a fantastic fit, such a perfectly realised addition to the madness, that we honestly can’t imagine a Bayo game without them going forward. Summoning a great big Godzilla-style reptile, sexy demon butterfly lady, enormous hell spider, poison rain-spewing frog, or charging crimson war train to cut through your enemies with the touch of a button takes a moment or two to get used to, that’s for sure, but once you’ve got the hang of it you’ll never look back.
Each and every infernal demon in the game has its own set of moves to get to grips with, they all imbue Bayonetta with new weapons and methods of traversal to add to her already generous array of tricks and skills, and they’ve been layered into the combat in such a way that you can’t just spam them willy-nilly, you need to consider when to deploy them — during Witch Time is always a good shout — lest your enemies tear them to shreds and you temporarily lose the ability to summon them in a tight spot.
Bayonetta 3’s biggest new additions add a delightful new wrinkle to core combat that was already deliciously deep stuff, and they fit into the general mood of this third adventure perfectly, too. Everything about this game is extreme, as you would hope. It’s no-holds-barred stuff; crazy, camp, OTT mayhem that flits from one massive battle to the next, throwing new mechanics into the mix here, there, and everywhere for one-off sequences and never resting on its laurels as its blasts you across the globe and through a multiverse of massive enemies, returning characters and surprises aplenty.
You’ve then got multiple playable protagonists to add to this delirious mix. Again, we weren’t sure about this at first. Do we really want to relinquish control of the sublime Bayonetta to spend time as Jeanne or Viola? As it turns out, absolutely we do. Viola plays a significant part in the plot here, a plot we’ll be spoiling absolutely none of in this review, and she’s a surprisingly different proposition to Bayo, a hard-hitting fighter who’s not as quick on her feet, she makes up for her lack of grace with some ferocious combos of sword attacks that see her absolutely whaling on enemies, her lack of discipline and experience showing through in how she completely loses it during extended flurries.
The biggest difference in taking control of Viola, though, is that her version of Witch Time is activated not by dodging, but by blocking with her sword. It sounds like a small change, but those slinky Bayo dodges are baked into our brains at this stage and so it takes a little time to remember, you may find yourself getting battered as you struggle to get to grips with it — and these early moments are when you’ll question the wisdom of having Viola take control for entire chapters — but stick with it and it all clicks into place.
Jeanne also gets her own series of side missions, stages which switch the action to a side-scrolling perspective for stealth-centric segments of Mission Impossible-styled espionage. Again, we weren’t sure when the first one of these side sorties kicked off, but the sheer style and confidence in how they’ve been added to the mix sells it all and the narrative strand here feeds back nicely into the main campaign as the game reaches it’s absolutely off-the-wall climax.
There are smaller tweaks to the action here, too, with more streamlined switching out of weapons being one of the most welcome changes. There’s no more need to consider each of Bayo’s limbs individually, you can simply place your favourite weapons as sets in the pause menu and then switch them out on the fly as you batter your way through battles, mixing up your guns and your traversal options as needed depending on the challenges you’re currently facing. There are so many moving parts; the multiple protagonists, infernal demons, weapons, traversal methods…absolutely tons of stuff to get your head around, and it’s incredible really that it all fits together as wonderfully as it does.
Level design has also seen a noticeable shake-up this time around, with much bigger and more open spaces to investigate. You’ll get locked down into arenas as combat sequences get underway, but the rest of the time you’ve got plenty of real estate to investigate at your leisure using your various new traversal methods and skills to find the many collectibles, combat challenges, secrets and hidden battles the game has in store for you. There’s tons of variety here, too. This is a game that blasts you around the globe and through multiple versions of reality and, without spoiling any surprises, almost every chapter has some crazy new gimmick or unique aspect thrown into the mix to keep you on your toes.
Of course, one of the main draws of the Bayonetta series is the depth that the combat offers to those of us who wish to really dig deep, to replay levels, perfect sequences, and earn platinum trophies for every single battle and chapter in the game. Bayonetta 3 doesn’t lose sight of this amidst the chaos. There are tons of awards to earn here, from platinum medals to chapter-specific challenges. Each Infernal Demon — every playable character — has their own skill tree full of unlockable moves, there’s a practice arena to jump into, and countless dizzying combos to get your head around. Even towards the very end of the game you’re still having brand new demons, weapons, and traversal options thrown at you, right up until the very last encounter in fact, which speaks to an experience that’s designed from the ground up to be replayed incessantly. Your first run through Bayonetta 3 is honestly just preparation for the real challenges that lie in store when you return to crank up the heat.
With tougher difficulty modes (and a bunch of other stuff we can’t mention) to unlock, and online leaderboards for every single chapter, this is a game we’re going to be pressing and prodding at for some time to come. It’s also a blast for more casual action fans who just want to jump in for the spectacle. There’s a casual mode that makes even the biggest fights properly approachable, and you can even turn the semi-nudity off if that’s not your cup of tea, either. Of course, you can jump down to the Gates of Hell too, where Rodin hosts a fine selection of items to tweak, toughen and simplify to suit your play level. Want to make big combos easier to pull off? There’s an accessory for that. Fancy making things even harder for yourself? Rodin has got your back.
It’s equally impressive, too, that all of this chaos, all of the fighting up the sides of skyscrapers, explosive chase sequences, monstrous Kaiju battles, tsunamis, out-of-control cruise ships and so much more besides, has landed on Switch in a package that’s surprisingly solid in terms of performance. Yes, the camera can lose its way a little bit on rare occasions when ferocious battles happen in tight spaces, and yes, there’s some noticeable resolution scaling in handheld when things get ultra-crazy, but it’s all perfectly acceptable and understandable in order to keep that framerate smooth enough to let the action flow. This really is a fantastic-looking game for Switch too, easily one of the flashiest experiences on Nintendo’s hybrid console, and we’ve enjoyed our time with it equally split between our TV and in handheld.
We guess we should also mention the voice-acting at this point. It’s certainly been the cause of plenty of discussion in the build-up to the game’s release and, whatever the full story happens to be with regards to Hellena Taylor’s exit from voicing the lead role, you can rest assured that Jennifer Hale does a top-notch job with a performance that’s instantly recognisable as Bayonetta, hitting all the right notes whilst bringing just enough new elements to the party that it feels like a character refreshed and renewed. The rest of the crew do a great job too, we should add, and Enzo, Rodin, Luka, and more all return in fine form for a proper party here.
Overall then, the eight-year wait has been more than worth it. Bayonetta 3 is the best game in the series. Yes, we just said that. This is a third entry in one of the all-time great action franchises that improves the already top-notch core combat, takes the series’ level design and exploration aspects to new heights and gives us a cracking story to dig into that’s topped off with one of the best…one of the absolutely maddest and goofiest endings to a game we’ve ever seen. It’s a pure celebration of all things Bayonetta that everyone with even the slightest interest in this genre needs to check out at the earliest opportunity. It’s not often we get emotional at the climax of an all-out action game, but this one brings all the feels with a great big dollop of delightful nostalgia to send us dancing on our merry way. The witch is back, baby, and she’s better than ever.
Bayonetta 3 cranks up the chaos, improves the combat, polishes the level design, and adds a ton of new mechanics to the mix, making for the very best entry in this storied series to date. PlatinumGames has absolutely nailed it this time around, carefully layering on more ways to engage enemies, piling on the OTT gameplay sequences, and giving us multiple protagonists without upsetting the balance of what makes these games amongst the very best examples of their genre. With solid performance in docked and handheld modes, impressive visuals, non-stop action, and a hugely replayable campaign that’s a joy from start to finish, this really is a huge celebration of everything we love about Bayonetta, an action all-timer and one of the gaming highlights of 2022 so far, on Switch or any other platform.

Outstanding 10/10
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Comments (201)
I’ve got a fever, and the only cure is a sacked voice actress.
Wasn’t expecting a 10
Can’t wait for this!!! Been enjoying Mario + Rabbids, but might have to jump on this when it turns up. Can’t believe we’ve finally made it to seeing this game actually come out.
I’m glad that Jennifer Hale fits the role well, and doesn’t feel distracting. Personally, I’m not interested in this game but I’m so glad that it was worth the wait for fans.
Nice, this and Hellena Taylor convinced me to get this game
Wasn’t sure before since I’m bad at Bayo1&2, but they still are fun though
Will I buy this Friday? Yes
Will my wife yell at me for getting 2 games in as many weeks?
Will it be worth it?
Also yes.
Still haven’t gotten around to going back and finishing the first two so it’ll probably be a fair while till I’m ready to play this but think I’ll still just pick it up at launch in case it’s harder to find later down the track when I’m actually ready to play it.
My god, this has shot my hype levels through the roof. I’ve been replaying bayonetta 2 recently in preparation for this, and it’s reminded me why I love the series so much, but never did I think this would get a 10! I can’t wait to dig into this!
@mariomaster96 Paying their voice actors poorly made you want to buy their game more?
I love so much Jennifer Hale ! Bravo for making this game special. Hopefully it’s will selling more than 5 millions units worldwide 😃
This really is great. I’m looking forward to it even more now.
@Clyde_Radcliffe You are not up to date, my friend.
She even basically confirmed by herself that she lied
I’d love if they released a trilogy box set down the road at some point.
I knew this game was gonna be a masterpiece. Bayonetta 2 has stood the test of time as my favorite action game ever made, but it looks like Bayonetta 3 is setting the bar!
Clearly you didn’t get the memo.
She lied- the entire thing was a fabrication.
Gimme gimme gimme!
That joy ‘Jennifer Hale nails it’ is a lot of salt in a specific wound.
Removed – unconstructive feedback
Removed – unconstructive feedback
You get a 10/10! and you get a 10/10!
Guess i’m just getting old, I feel like 10s should be reserved for the Mario 64’s of gaming.
Glad it did well. Can’t wait to nab it down the line.
I tried to get into the first two games, but idk I think people only sing Bayonetta’s praises so much because it fills a hole in Nintendo’s library.
Sort of expected this score after the pure joy of the first 2. Curious to see if it’s included in the GOTY conversation across platforms.
Jesus. That good! So cool!!! Waka waka
woah, might have to get this then.
And Taylor wanted me to boycott 🙆‍♂️
Hurry up now, postie.
Woah… ok, now that’s crazy.
What is the Moon song this time around? Didn’t doubt Jennifer Hale for a second. Knew she would knock it out of the park.
Seeing lots of 9s (and one 8.5) at other sites. Glad this turned out amazing!
Xenoblade, bayo, switch seems to have the best games of the “new” generation
Anyone want to loan me some money? I need to play these games. I’ll write a very kind 3 word thank you note
“Rock solid performance” it doesn’t sound like this is actually the case going off what John Linneman is hinting at on Twitter.
Is Bayonetta really an icon?
Nice! Probably won’t get it any time soon bc I have so many games on backlog, but, will probably eventually pick it up on sale.
Looking forward to playing Bayonetta 3, Splatoon 3 and Xenoblade Chronicles 3 this weekend. As they say, "Good things come in 3s."
Woah a 10? That’s P5R and this that are 10/10 games out of the recent releases.
Reads great. Thanks for the review.
Holy smokes, a 10/10! But since some lady didn’t get a fair chunk of the $450m I’ll have to skip this one.
Excellent news, I will pick it up in a year or so when it’s on sale.
Removed – flaming/arguing
Wow a 10! Awesome!
Removed – flaming/arguing
Removed – flaming/arguing
@CANOEberry but you still provided clicks, hehehehe
Wow! I didn’t expect a 10/10. Mabey an 8 or 9 but not a 10. So glad I was able to pre-order the Collector’s Edition! Looking forward to playing this ASAP!
Was not expecting a 10, fantastic stuff! Regardless of all the controversy that swarmed it for the past week and a half, I had a hunch that, at the end of the day, it’d still be that great Bayo gameplay that everyone loves and I was bang on the money in that regard. I may not be interested in the series myself, but this looks like it was well worth the FIVE year wait!
@PJOReilly Nice Elton John reference. Innuendo cursing, very sublime.👍
My preorder should ship in a couple of days, my worry being that was like 3 credit cards ago – I go thru them alot, stupid criminals – so Amazon may balk. I have called an they told me "no problem, it will just charge to my current default cc on file", but I’m still concerned.
Last time I pre-order a game 4 years in advance.😝
So relieved to hear its living up to its potential!
I’ll go get this preordered and start replaying Bayo 2 ASAP!
This looks so good, and I wanted to jump on the franchise as I havent played any of her games, but just got Persona 5 and Tactics Ogre is coming in a couple of weeks, so yeah, definitely I’ll get it next year.
Another great october game, damn I’m only starting nier automata and persona 5s just arrived. Pokemon on horizon too.
Can’t wait to play it, bayo 2 on wii u is a 10/10 game for me, it seems this game is a 10/10 too
Argh. I can’t get over the character design on viola. Its absolute cheese on toast, but not in a good way.
Yes it’s the best game in the series but please don’t buy it! For the love of God if not for all those money starved voice actors out there do it for your country!
In case you can’t tell I’m being sarcastic.
is it true the new voice actress for Bayoneta sounds less salty . But whats with Trinity edition you would thin with title it includes all three games no just art work for all three. A trillogy collectors edition would have been awsome.
Replayability of Platinum games has been an issue, I have no desire to replay the other Bayonetta games or Nier Automata, and I’m a bit concerned Bayo 3 will be the same.
So anyway on a more exciting note i wonder if there’s a moon themed song in this one?
Bayo 1, Fly me to the moon.
Bayo 2, Moon river
Bayo 3, ?
Anyone know if they managed this golden opportunity for continuity?
Never finished Bayo 1. Bayo 2 I’m about a quarter the way through and enjoying it. I’ve no idea whats going on but it’s great fun. Will likely play 3 someday but its not on my purchase radar anytime soon. Will wait for a sale sometime.
Unfortunate that Hellena Taylor didn’t want her name associated with such a great game, plus $15-20k in the bank, but life is what you make it.
There will be Amiibo support?
10 should be for a perfect epic game.. and that is not bayonetta
bayonetta 3 is a 89 on metacritic which equated to a 9
Can’t wait to get my hands on this! I’m going to do another replay of Bayonetta 1 and 2 first!
@hippoeater bayo games never drop framerate, what are you on about?
That criticism about the camera going a little nuts during parts of intense action shouldn’t even be a valid complaint. I’ve never played a hack n slash game that didn’t have that problem. Ninja Gaiden, Devil may cry, Bayonetta etc have all had that issue.
@Friscobay Yes because men aren’t allowed to have opinions on a new voice for a character they have enjoyed.
Clown world
@Friendly Not intentionally. There’s been lots of concern amongst fans, since long before the whole recent controversy, about whether the new voice would work or if it just wouldn’t feel like Bayo with someone else in the role. Only reason I’ve mentioned it tbh.
@johnedwin You haven’t played it yet!
As someone who has never played any game in the Bayonetta series, this review makes me interested in the series. Still have a fairly large backlog to work through!
@SalvorHardin Saw that. DF can show the exact framerate numbers and people will take what they want from that, but it honestly feels super smooth in action, and for a Switch game that’s this big, this action packed and this good-looking in places…it’s a super job on five year old hardware IMO.
Fantastic another Sega 10/10 game. Wow Sega is on a winning roll this year especially on the Switch side of things. Please let Sonic Frontiers be great then that would be their third times a charm of succession.
My hype levels for this are at a fever pitch. This is the big ‘take a vacation’ game for me this year and it’s right around the corner!
@Silly_G still cant believe there some fools that still defend her thats just sad wen all the evidence was there along with her recent statement that dug herself in a bigger hole.
@PJOReilly i go by the reviews.. 89 on metacritic does not equate a 10.. even nintendo world report gave it a 9..
I have a sealed Wii U copy of 1 and 2, but I’m tempted to go all-in with the three titles on Switch. That super ginchy mondo deluxe set caught my eye, and I never get that stuff. Well Skyward Sword, but that was the last one.
xenoblades 3 they gave a 10 did you all feel after playing it did it deserve a 10? i did not…
I don’t trust this site for 1st party games, but Bayonetta & hack/slash games are my fav. gaming genre, and the critical acclaim seems to be universal. Can’t wait to get my package on FRIDAY.
@johnedwin no thought it deserved a 12 lol. No i agree wasnt a 10 . Same as breath of the wild its an amazing game but the stupid breaking weapon rubbish just gets old fast that alone stops it being a 10
I just love the idea of a katana witch. Who needs a broom?
@johnedwin It’s got perfect scores on other sites too. It’s different people’s opinions, not one unified score.
It seems to be reviewing well. Appears a solid 8 or 9 from reviews. I kind of go on the difference between 8, 9 or 10 being subjective but good in all cases.
@Anguspuss I enjoyed the BOTW weapon vulnerability but would have been mad if the Master Sword broke.
I may get this eventually. I purchased the double pack when 2 came out because I never played the series before. I started with the first game but grew a bit bored to be honest. I stopped and never went back….still have yet to play 2. Maybe someday, I’ll revisit, play those first, then pick this up.
That good, huh? I will be getting this but probably during a lull in releases next year. I still haven’t played the second one, either 😅
I am so hyped for this game. I’ve a huge fan since the original released on the Xbox 360.
@johnedwin That’s not how reviews work. It would be silly for everyone to give the game a 9 just because the average rating is a 9. Let people have their own opinions (including yourself).
The great thing about opinions is that they can be unique for each person. If you disagree with someone about what they say in a review, then you just have different tastes. Go find a reviewer with similar tastes as you if you want to know if you’ll like a game before you play it.
BTW, I’d say that xenoblade 3 does deserve a 10. Best game I’ve played all year. I couldn’t put it down. It was truly fantastic.
@Darkthany Mario 64 doesn’t have anything on Zelda Ocarina of Time
Is there or will there be a demo? Haven’t played previous games in series
@RiasGremory : Indeed. Somebody here attacked me (his comment was since removed), wishing that I would have to contend with low wages and awful bosses (to his pleasure, I’m sure he’d be delighted to know that I’ve dealt with both), taking Taylor’s words at face value without doing his homework about the revelations that have since come to light.
I also expressed skepticism in another article about Taylor allegedly being unavailable throughout the development of the game (as I found that very hard to believe as voiceover work can quite easily be performed remotely) and somebody else attacked me for that too (I didn’t bother indulging such an idiotic comment). I knew there was a more logical explanation, but unfortunately for Taylor, she had only destroyed her reputation in the voiceover/entertainment industry by overestimating her worth and antagonising her former employer(s), which perhaps better explains why she ultimately didn’t reprise her role.
And as I’ve said before, it’s a shame, as I enjoyed her performances in past games, but I also completely understand why Nintendo/Platinum would cast aside such an unprofessional, hostile, and dishonest individual.
@Nightcrawler71 : Bayonetta 2 had a demo on Wii U, but weirdly enough, they didn’t release one for the Switch.
ummm ummmm do i have to wait until friday???
Urgh. a 10. Reads like a 9. No thank you. I’ll wait for a deep deeeeeep discount.
@Ravenmaster Mario 64 did 3D before Zelda did 3D.
@pjoreilly not blaming you, just think it can still hurt someones feelings.
Bayonetta 1 and 2 are up there with Ninja Gaiden Black, the PS2 God of War games, Devil May Cry 3 and Heavenly Sword as my favorite character-action games of all-time. I can’t wait to play this.
Great job, Platinum. Will Kate Gray be providing hourly commentless articles for this game?
@Nightcrawler71 Get GameFly and then you could rent em and try em yourself. Then if you like em you can buy any of the game.
You had me at Jennifer Hale!
I am the protector of Hellena. Please don’t say anything about her. Please stop the hurt and let the healing commence xx
I never buy a game on impulse or reading the first review.
Many reviewers profit from sales commission. It’s not very reliable. I prefer to wait longer and see the REAL PROBLEMS with each game. And then I decide.
For now, I have no desire to buy Bayonetta 3.
@Clyde_Radcliffe Either you aren’t aware of the full story or you’re willfully posting fake news.
The Switch keeps on hammering the competition which is already lying on the ground beaten to a pulp. I almost feel sorry for the ps5/ xboxwhatever owners.
@johnedwin It’s almost like different people can have different opinions on things. Multiple other reviews scored it an 8 and there are even one or two scores of 7. Are those also wrong or untrustworthy for not matching the average?
And yes, XC3 was an utterly phenomenal game and in my top three for the year.
Man, this has been a pretty good year for the Switch overall. Can’t wait to play Bayonetta 3
Voice acting debacle aside, Hideki Kamiya’s attitude and general way of communicating with the public put me off from any desire to support his games.
Anyone who treats other people like they’re worthless isn’t going to get my support. It’s as simple as that.
I hope you all enjoy playing the game, nonetheless. It looks like a fun time!
@Rykdrew funny how lying and attacking your coworkers on Twitter can turn people’s opinions against you.
@xjulianvel don’t forget that big games are made by hundreds of people sometimes. It’s not Kamiya’s game alone, lots of artists and programmers worked hard on this title. I do agree with you that Kamiya is not the best peoples person though.
@Bablommebite My opinion was not based on that. My opinion is based on the fact that reviewers nowadays earn commission from sales.
Reviewers these days are more "sales" than reviewers. So I don’t buy on impulse.
I see a lot of reviews, youtube and the real problems of the game, so I don’t fall for salesman’s talk!
Cannot wait, going to be my game of the year.
Haven’t played the series but it does look pretty decent, do you need to play 1 and 2 before this or are they unrelated?
Between the Hellena Taylor Clown Show and the great reviews, I had to cave and use a game coupon on this. Can’t wait!
As for Kamiya, he seems lovely to me. He’s very appreciative of fans, and seems like kind of a softie when you play Wonderful 101. You should see the abusive comments people make to him! His persona didn’t come from nowhere.
@Rykdrew sorry about that dude, totally replied to the wrong post!😅
@Bablommebite That’s a very good point. I’ve yet to finish Bayonetta 1 after starting it shortly after it was released, but I remember enjoying it quite a bit. I may give it some time and reconsider.
I’m glad the game apparently delivers the goods after all the unfortunate controversy.
October has been a game avalanche for me and this is not a title I’m getting, but I’m happy for all the Bayo fans. It was a looong wait with all that radio silence!
@Ryu_Niiyama @Truegamer79 It’s the theme to Button Moon
Removed – unconstructive feedback
Thank you Nintendo Life for voicing your opinion on this game
Anyone know how long one playthrough takes? I wanna play this but Pokemon is on the horizon.
What a great Oct and end of year for Switch. I mean this month alone we start with Nier (called by many one of the best Switch ports), we get the new Monkey Island game (Niche but much anticipated and beloved by the niche), Then its another impossible port with No Man’s Sky…..that slides into Sparks (my most anticipated title being an SRPG fan) and now even after the little VA drama Bayo 3 totally knocks it out of the park. All this on the heals of Xeno3 and then we get Poke (not really my thing) but what is my thing (SRPG) gets Ogre next month and FE in January….with all this top content I have a feeling Switch is going to have another dominate holiday season.
@Ryu_Niiyama ‘The Whole of the Moon’ by The Waterboys. Classic.
@Friendly some wounds hurt so much they can’t stand the comment apparently…
Excellent, yet another banger on Switch.
@johnedwin Some people give it a 10, some give it a 9 and others give it an 8. That’s just different opinions. If he thinks it’s a 10, then he will give it a 10.
Now go complain to every other reviewer who didn’t give it a 9. The 89 is the average of all critics. Nintendolife included.
Glad to hear the game turned out so well! I tend to like the games PJ is fond of so I’ll be picking this up.
@Rykdrew wat? Since when reviewers earn commission from sales?
@The__Goomba Took me about 14hrs without doing collectibles and optional challenges. It’s easily over 20 with all that stuff included. And then there’s some tasty unlockable stuff we aren’t allowed to talk about for after you’ve beaten it.
@Rykdrew Agreed.. just like Mario Strikers with 9/10 rating. For this game I think I’ll trust Nintendolife’s rating and review.. I love when a game this big on Switch (16 GB) has solid performance. Now that’s worthy of 60$ for me.
I cannot remember the story does it have a recap, or is it not important?
@QuickSilver88 you forgot about splatoons 3
@Miu That’s not because of the review tho. There are well reviewed games that don’t have those links and badly reviewed games that do.
I mean, the same text you quoted is on the links of reviews like the Balan Wonderworld one.
Also, Those deals are done with RETAILERS, not with the publishers or developers. How do I know that? I checked out the link of that message you quoted.
@PJOReilly Oh awesome thanks, sounds perfect to finish before Pokemon and plenty to come back to.
@PJOReilly There’s always gonna be someone telling you you’re wrong even though they haven’t played it…can’t wait until Friday!
Awww, I missed all the fighting and arguing. 😕 What were people even arguing about? I hope it wasn’t about an ex-voice actor’s lies.
@eaglebob345 Probably about the review scores being completely wrong knowing this lot.
If I can finish A Plague Tale: Requiem by the end of the week I’ll be picking this up to play before God of War drops.
Even if you don’t trust NL, I think you can trust PJ. If for no other reason than the fact that he poured out an overwhelmingly positive review without using the word “stunning” once inside the article. I always hope games I’m interested in are reviewed by him. I’ve just been screwing around on replays of Elden Ring, sounds about time to catch up on Bayonetta.
@Mince not really. She’s a witch with time slowing powers and mommy issues. Thats about it.
I preordered the Trinity Masquerade Edition yesterday through Best Buy. I just hope they don’t cancel my preorder due to lack of stock. I mean, I’d settle for the Standard Edition, but I usually try to get Limited or Special Editions if I can.
@rjejr I think we can thank you for the long wait! Don’t pre-order anything else!
@Darkthany Judging by the critical response this seems to be a high point for the whole genre. Sort of like Mario 64 at the time.
@WiltonRoots That’s fair. Arguing over subjective game review scores as if they are objective facts is the gamer’s bread and butter.
@Friscobay enough with the sexism!
Men and women should be treated equally and both have their opinions heard. Please take your sexist drivel elsewhere.
Been looking forward to this for years. Glad it was worth the wait.
Would this be recommended to someone who found the combat in Astral Chain utterly painful and incomprehensible? I always wanted to try Bayonetta but after putting a few hours into Astral Chain I’ve been made really wary.
@N64-ROX I’ve played both and I prefer Bayonetta’s controls and battle system. Astral Chain wasn’t the worst to me, but some parts were much too cumbersome. I think it’s definitely a try it for yourself situation, though.
@IronMan30 Don’t worry, my wife told me I can’t.😉
@rjejr listen to her, she knows what she’s talking about.
Awesome. New it would be good but didn’t think you’d give it a 10 without that official Nintendo game seal on the box.
Glad Hale stepped up and did what the greedy one could not.
Lame “Jennifer Hale nails it”. Shame on you for trying to discredit the original voice, like the new actress is great anyway, and doesn’t matter what happened with her story.
@IronMan30 They always do. 😁
@johnedwin Metacritic is handy for getting some quick impressions of a game, but it’s more helpful to rely on a handful of reviewers whose tastes match your own than to go by the word of the almighty score aggregator.
It is sad how the “controversy” has made a normal question like “how well does the new VA play this character” a hot button when normally that is the first question during a VA change.
Game of the year contender!!!!!!!
Been wanting to get into this series and I’m sure I will once I finally play one of these games. So I’m sure I’ll eventually get it and if I don’t I guess I’ll be consider apart of a “boycott”
@mariomaster96 Did she? Can you source that, or anything else pointing towards it being a lie?
EDIT: Never mind, evidently missed a story. Still sort of harsh to want to buy a game more because of something completely unrelated to it…
@pip_muzz how’s your head ? Gender equality you say ? A woman taking a public stance on underpayment in boys-club-video-game-industry would be silenced and called a gold digger. Her professionalism would be scrutinized and discredited by hundreds of delusional fan boys who would rather forget about the constant economic gender inequality then accept the very idea of cancelling the preorder of their new toy. We heard their opinions, sadly enough… I do not appreciate the fact that this review uses this issue as a clickbait and I do find it particularly cynical that it comes from a man.
@Ryu_Niiyama it calls a clickbait and yes, it is sad.
@Friscobay Clock out, man.
@Friendly And Zelda Ocarina of Time did it so much better
Can’t wait to get my hands on this. The series just keeps getting better and better.
@CountDrakeulah feel the need to be in charge, still ?
This went from "wait until it’s cheap" to "buy it day one". Mostly that’s in response to the demands to boycott it from the previous voice actor. Good to see replacement actor is just as good, not that I really cared. The voice was not even top 10 reasons I like the game.
@Friscobay you do realise that what Hellena Taylor said has now been proven to be false right?!
@Friscobay no it isn’t clickbait. If nobody knew that HT turned down the job, people would still ask how is the new VA. Even for a super vet like Jennifer Hale, that is a normal question. That question hasn’t changed just because of all the drama surrounding the role change.
@Mince there is an article on NL that explains the story so far.
Another masterpiece for Switch. This is getting REALLY crazy!
These graphics look really ugly for a "perfect" game.
Will pick up my copies on friday, coming back from work, cant wait!
@Friscobay Lmao Maybe Polygon is more your speed.
@JayJ That’s what’s bothered me ever since this game was initially revealed. B2 looked absolutely amazing by Wii U standards and still looks good because the bright and picturesque views in Paradisio and that old time Italian looking town. This one is dark and kind of bland looking (strictly talking visuals). I am glad to see ancient temples as environments. The previews always showed modern settings which would have been really disappointing if that was the whole game.
@Ryu_Niiyama thanks just found it, going to o read it at work the day I plan to start 3.
Hm… Game looks quite normal in handheld/undocked mode, hmph… …Well, at least, it’s not a blurry mess like Xenoblade 2… What’s about touchscreen controls support in the game? Previous games had them. What’s about 3rd game? Does PlatinumGames added touchscreen controls option to 3rd game as well? And… What’s about dual audio support? It is possible to switch between English and Japanese voice-overs at any time?
it seems like the game has some technical issues.. i really hope there will be an update to solve that….
You are warned!
@eaglebob345 funny crowd. There’s people in here who seem to be actively looking for problems so they can hate on it and the review.
@IronMan30 So…. surprise surprise, my Amazon device notified me today that my "payment method" wasn’t good and I needed to set a new one. So I did, after another phone call, and now my game that I pre-ordered 4 years ago and up until this morning was supposed to be delivered on Friday now isn’t being delivered until Tuesday, 5 days later. So glad I pre-ordered. 😝
Yesterday was such a good day for various reasons, I knew payback was coming. ugh
@rjejr No payment problem on my end but did get an update saying mine wasn’t delivering until the 3rd which bums me out. This is now why I double dip with both digital and physical. Had I kept the Gamestop order instead, i likely would’e gotten my limited edition Friday
@ShikabaneHime13 Next Thursday? That’s a bummer?
I really wish retailers would stop suckering us in w/ promises they must know they probably aren’t going to be able to keep. My Splatoon 3 preorder was delayed a week so I bought it digitally, then it hit delivered the next day anyway. Kind of hoping same thing happens now.
On the bright side I complained enough, the Amazon rep said I’d get 10% back once it delivers, so that’s another few $ savings, so I’ll be getting the $60 for about $40-42 before tax. Gotta take it where I can get it.
@rjejr that sucks.
Im just hoping this game manages to stick its landing when it comes to the final boss, The first game in particular had the entire sequence leading up to and including the final boss be full of visual spectacle and ridiculously OTT moments.
I had zero doubts. I’d say bring on Friday, but I should finish sparks of hope first 😉
@pip_muzz says who ? And so that was an economic gender inequality fix ? My bad !
@Ryu_Niiyama there are ways to present the information having ongoing discussion on underpaid voice actress in a video game industry. And choices are being clearly made. I do not call it drama personally, it is a real issue though. The very fact that this situation was finally escalated and presented as a conflict between two women is quite exemplary of misogyny we are still facing today. As a writer I would be xtra cautious choosing my words, as it is not the case hereinabove
@Friscobay I have not seen a single article on NL that has stated, suggested or presented that the Bayonetta VA change was a “conflict between two women”. Just because HT failed at negotiation for the pay that she wanted and then chose to pass on the role does not mean misogyny is at play. Nor should such an accusation be carelessly thrown out at risk of demeaning the very real existence of misogyny and situations where it legitimately occurs.
Edit: I do call it drama personally because HT picked the worst and most unprofessional way to handle this. She waited nearly a year, possibly broke NDA, posted a twitter rant, provided no evidence to her claims, framed her claims in the way that were not accurate but placed her former employer in a worse ethical position than they actually occupied, and attempted to disparage the VA that replaced her in the role. That is absolutely not how you handle willingly passing over a job. That is stirring the court of public opinion for emotional clout. If your argument is sound you argue from logic, ethics and the law. Only a person, female or male, with nothing to say argues purely from emotion.
@IronMan30 Yeah everything sucks these days, the world is broken. Too much tech, people don’t care and/or are too stupid, the corporations won so they can do what they want when they want if they’re big enough. Even if they aren’t and they go bankrupt the bigwigs will just retire w/ golden parachutes, they don’t care about the employees. Why should anything function or work in a broken world? 🤷‍♂️
Example, my kid went to the post office near his college to get a passport. Filled out the forms, had them take the photo, paid his $200 cash, was told about 9 weeks in the mail. A month later I get a letter saying they can’t use the photo. That they took there, in their own post office, by a post office employee, who then sent the photo in. How stupid is that?!?!😱
@Ryu_Niiyama speaking of “conflict”: I’m not talking about NL, but the reactions in comment feeds on NL website. I will not question the professionalism of HT in light of her actions in order to defend her right to the decent, ethical and fair salary. I find highly misleading your speculations on a woman putting million worth company in a difficult ethical position, since the company’s greed and manifest lack of ethics are the very reason we are discussing this today. To quote you this is absolutely not how you handle you contractual obligations, negotiations and payment. The socioeconomic gender inequality manifest not only in a wage gap but also on a way those issues are treated an perceived in a public eye. I believe those issues are social, real and tangible; emotions aside.
Here that sound? It’s the sound of Hellena Taylors boycott flushing down the toilet!
And what’s this, the liars pants are on fire!
I’m so happy people get to enjoy this, and I hope the wait is worth it to you all!
@Miu Oh, really? Ok then, sorry for the confusion then. Comment deleted.
I really needed a breath after your first paragraph… Eight! Years.. man were old
Bayonetta is always slaying. haha
@Friscobay Has this EVER gotten you laid?
@jowe_gw No worries no hard feelings hehe. Comment deleted as well.
I bought a Switch in large part to play Bayonetta 2 and hated it. An otherwise great game ruined by the inclusion of Loki. I HATED that guy. Is he or anyone like that in this?
@Clyde_Radcliffe Let’s put this into perspective – for FORTY (40) hours of work, i get $800+. For TWENTY (20) hours of work, she was offered $15,000……if that’s not far and away better than a living wage, then people are living really stupidly and need to rethink their choices.
Been playing this for a few hours today and something just isn’t right, nowhere near as slick as 2014s Bayo 2. That game was so thrilling I couldn’t put it down and wanted to keep playing. This one throws similar “wow” moments but then the actual gameplay reminds me more of W101 and Astral chain, both games I simply did not get along with. Think this is a case of the wrong Bayonetta for me unfortunately.
I also cannot shake the feeling that the Switch is holding it back, loads of pop in, texture oddities and frame drops just marring any good moments. I never once felt the Wii U holding Bayo 2 back, infact I was amazed at how slick that game is, even to this day (replayed before getting this). I have the masquerade edition and voted Bayo into Smash, but this isn’t a ten for me so far, just a six. I’ll keep at it, but I’m inclined to just replay 1 & 2 again and pretend this one’s still in development (pray for a PC release like NMH 3).
– Low quality texture filtering
– Bayonetta 3 resolution is 810p when docked
– Portable resolution seems to be just below 480p
– Environments can be drab, but beautiful environments to explore as well
– Regular occurrence of pop-in for environmental objects
– Low resolution alpha used for some effects
– Cutscenes run at 30 frames per second and they ramp up visual quality
@sixrings Art > tech
I’m holding out for the Edge review, but while DF had plenty positive to say about the game, they seemed to have a problem with with a lot of the technical aspects. Seemingly an overly ambitious project for the h/ware.
Perfect score for a game that runs at 480p on handheld? You are hurting your credibility with such overrated reviews.
Hardware limitations really set this one back from real greatness. I can see this game running on an Xbox 360. This can’t possibly get more than a 9/10 for me personally. With that said, Platinum still managed to make a great game, especially on the combat front.
My fav game yet on the Switch was Astral Chain. This looks like it could be the game I’ve been looking for since 2019
It’s worst in the series, the plot is horrible, combat system is way moree simple and stiff now, and they practically butchered the franchise with this game. Are you out of your mind?
I only played demos, never got hooked. My guess is it is a similar type of game as Devil May Cry which also never hooked me. A 10/10 makes me wanna try again though, but Sky: Children of the Light eats up most of my time
A note about the voice acting debate:
15,000 dollars for 20h of recording speech is good pay I’d say. That’s almost 800 dollars per hour. I’d do it So yeah, the first video released about that was very misleading…
Lol so many “Muh graphics” people here still. Just beat the game and had no serious issues that people heavily exaggerated here. Then again I still enjoy games if it’s not 60-120 FPS or if I see a blurry tree.
I just can’t get into this game. I was absolutely obsessed with the first one, got the platinum trophy for it and completed it 100%. I enjoyed the second one well enough, but something about this one just doesn’t feel right. I hate the new demon summons, the kaiju battles, Viola is unpleasant to play, and the Jeanne sections are kinda lame. I’m hoping I’ll fall in love with it, but right now it’s sitting on the backburner as I’m playing Sonic Frontiers instead.
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