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Black Friday is still a month away, but you’d be forgiven for thinking it started today with how many great Xbox deals are floating around the web. Some of the biggest names in the Xbox catalog are on sale for their best prices of the year–making now a surprisingly good time to stock up on titles you may have missed. This includes Madden NFL 23 for just $48, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla for $19, and Life is Strange: True Colors for $18.
Not looking for a new game to play? You’ll still want to check out the great savings on accessories, which include some premium headsets, external hard drives, and plenty of other cool gadgets to enhance your setup.
We’ve pulled together an expansive list of the best Xbox game deals and best Xbox accessory deals below. As usual, most of these savings don’t advertise an end date–so give them a closer look while you can.
But before we get to the official roundup, here are a few great deals to check out first.
$35 ($45)
$112 ($180)
$120 ($190)
Microsoft’s new Elite Series 2 Core controller recently launched in a white and black model. The controller features the premium feel of the standard Elite Series 2 but doesn’t come with the case, paddles, and extra analog sticks. It’s a good option for those who simply want a premium controller without all the extra doodads–though you can purchase them later on for $60.
Right now, you can get the controller with a free digital copy of Watch Dogs: Legion via Antonline, an authorized Microsoft seller.
$49 ($60)
$50 ($120)
Aside from the three games mentioned above, you’ll find plenty of other highly reviewed titles with big markdowns this week. If you’re excited about the start of the NBA season, then consider picking up NBA 2K23 while it’s on sale for $47, down from $70. Or, you can play the best baseball game on Xbox with MLB The Show 22, now on sale for $20.
Elden Ring is still on sale for just $50, and it’s one of the few games of 2022 that simply can’t be missed. Even if you give up halfway through the adventure, there’s something special about its rage-inducing difficulty curve and the thrill of overcoming a particularly troublesome boss.
If you’d rather relax and unwind when plopped in front of your Xbox, be sure to check out Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga or Farming Simulator 22. They’re currently available for some of the best prices of the year ($45 and $40, respectively), and they make a great addition to any gaming library.
Plenty of other great Xbox game deals are available right now, and we’ve listed our favorites below.
$48 ($70)
$19 ($60)
$25 ($60)
$27 ($50)
$20 ($40)
$36 ($40)
$20 ($40)
$50 ($60)
$35 ($70)
$29 ($60)
$40 ($60)
$20 ($60)
$48 ($60)
$27 ($40)
$36 ($60)
$20 ($60)
$39 ($60)
$38 ($60)
$45 ($60)
$18 ($60)
$40 ($60)
$20 ($70)
$47 ($70)
$50 ($70)
$20 ($40)
$30 ($40)
$25 ($60)
$36 ($60)
$40 ($70)
$13 ($60)
$28 ($50)
$35 ($60)
Didn’t find anything you like in the above list? Xbox is currently running a few great digital sales that are discounting big names like Assassin’s Creed, Diablo II, and Dead Space. Be sure to check out the deals while you can.
If you’re in the market for a new headset, take a look at the official Microsoft Xbox Series X Wired Stereo Headset. Down to $47 from $60, the slick-looking headset offers Dolby Atmos support, 40mm drivers, and oversized earcups for a comfortable fit.
Got a bit more cash to burn? The high-end SteelSeries Arctis 9X Wireless Headset is down to $160 from its usual $200. Not only is it wireless, but it comes with a fancy new chipset designed specifically for Xbox that helps enhance audio while gaming. You’ll also benefit from 3D Spatial Audio, a gorgeous design, and high-end (and durable) materials.
Rounding out the savings today are a few other headsets, controller charging stands, and discounted gamepads. You’ll find the best Xbox accessory deals below.
$47 ($60)
$160 ($200)
$65 ($80)
$40 ($60)
$69 ($100)
$25 ($38)
$40 ($100)
$40 ($80)
$117 ($150)
$24 ($36)
$31 ($40)
$23 ($40)
$45 ($50)


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