Performing Arts / Music Theatre Homepage – Today at Elon

Casting directors and talent agents take notice when they see “Elon University” on the resumes of music theatre graduates. That’s because Elon has built a reputation in the industry for producing mature, talented, energetic, and creative performers. If you have your sights set on performing in music theatre, Elon will prepare you for the spotlight. The […]

Louis Armstrong Department of Music Therapy – Mount Sinai

PATHS to Healing: Trauma-Based Music Therapy Program for Staff offers daily, live 30 mins/4 day series (individual or group) for healthcare professionals facing grief and/or trauma in the aftermath of COVID. Live and Zoom Details can be found here. Additional dial-in Mount Sinai CALM numbers and virtual music meditations available for all. Referrals for sessions: 212 420-2704.Welcome […]

Cancelled Netflix Show Fans Put Up Billboard In Hopes of Saving Series – Screen Rant

Warrior Nun fans have rallied to erect a billboard outside of Netflix HQ petitioning to save the beloved female-led, queer action series.Fans of the cancelled series Warrior Nun have erected a billboard outside of Netflix's headquarters to try and save the show. Based on the comic character Warrior Nun Areala, Warrior Nun first premiered on […]

‘Kill them kids’: Anti-abortion billboard vandalized in Portland –

KOIN.comPlease enter a search term.Please enter a search term.A vandalized anti-abortion billboard hangs over Sandy Boulevard in Northeast Portland. Photo taken on Jan. 2, 2022. (KOIN 6) by: John Ross Ferrara Posted: Jan 2, 2023 / 12:19 PM PST Updated: Jan 2, 2023 / 02:04 PM PST A vandalized anti-abortion billboard hangs over Sandy Boulevard […]

What Makes A Hit? The Legacy Of 'Harlem Shake' And No. 1 Memes – MTV

January 20, 202310:53 AMIllustration by RocheWelcome to New Retro Week, a celebration of the biggest artists, hits, and cultural moments that made 2013 a seminal year in pop. MTV News is looking back to see what lies ahead: These essays showcase how today’s blueprint was laid a decade ago. Step into our time machine.Just before […]