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JACKSON, Tenn. — A Beck’s billboard off of South Highland and Morton Street was vandalized with the words “white supremacy.”
The collective responsible for the message calls themselves Indecline, and they say it was in response to the state’s legislation regarding Critical Race Theory.
A spokesperson for the group explained their intentions behind altering the sign.
“This isn’t an indictment on Jackson. It’s an indictment on Tennessee. On a broader scale, the entire idea that a lot of these southern states are still in their way working on this Lost Cause narrative and figuring out ways to keep this information out of classrooms and out of people’s brains,” the Indecline spokesperson said.
The group says that they are not targeting Beck’s or any individual company.
Indecline says they did everything in their power to make sure the public understood that.
“If you’re just cruising along, you know, if you were on that road today and you look, I don’t think your brain would have gone, ‘What is Beck’s putting up?’ It would have just said those words in ‘white supremacy.’ So we deliberately went over their logo to exonerate them from having a part of that conversation,” the spokesperson said.
It took less than 12 hours to get that billboard down.
Indecline says they’re not trying to hurt anyone. They say they are spreading information about America’s true history.
The group says even though they’re breaking laws and putting their own safety at risk, they believe it is all worth it to ensure a better future for the youth of tomorrow.
“There’s a big difference between taking a Molotov cocktail and hitting a building with it, and protesting and going up and putting a thought provoking sticker on a billboard on an advertisement. There’s a vast difference. One encourages critical thought and the other is just simply destruction,” they said.
On Friday, WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News reached out to the billboard’s owner who declined the opportunity for an interview.
Jackson police say they are investigating the incident, but could not share any other details.
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