Kate Winslet covers mum's £17,000 energy bill – BBC

Kate Winslet has donated £17,000 to a mother facing a sky-high energy bill to operate her daughter's life support.
Carolynne Hunter was warned by Clackmannanshire Council that her bill could hit the high sum next year.
Her daughter Freya, 12, has severe cerebral palsy and relies on receiving oxygen for chronic breathing problems.
Ms Hunter said she was overwhelmed when the Titanic actress intervened upon hearing their struggle reported on BBC Scotland.
Winslet donated £17,000 to the family's GoFundMe page and contacted Ms Hunter to wish them well.
Ms Hunter, 49, said: "Our journey as family has been very traumatic and I just feel done at this point in my life.
"When I heard about the money I just burst into tears – I thought it wasn't even real. I'm still thinking is this real?"
The Hunters live in a large council house in Tillicoultry – which is not energy efficient – so there is space for Freya's equipment.
At present it costs them £6,500 a year to run the kit and heat the home – though Ms Hunter said she had turned the heating off in most rooms to save money.
Although she works full time on a moderate wage, she does not receive the same support as those on low incomes.
Ms Hunter also worries that possible winter power cuts in the event of reduced gas supply – a result of Russia's war on Ukraine – could put Freya's care at risk.
In addition to cerebral palsy, Freya relies on receiving oxygen for breathing problems – particularly through the night.
The family require help from at least two NHS nurses or staff from self-directed support (SDS) – a form of social care.
Staff monitor Freya's heart rate as well as oxygen levels and carry out frequent suctioning to keep her airways clear.
In recent months Freya's room was the only one to be heated in order to keep her and her staff comfortable – but Ms Hunter said they have had to cut back.
"We're still freezing and we're not even at minus temperatures yet," said Ms Hunter. "I am nipping at the staff not to put the heating on unless it's necessary.
"The council have put solar panels up to help with blackouts but don't think it'll help with the bill."
Before Winslet's donation, Ms Hunter said her biggest worry was facing fuel poverty amid the UK's economic turmoil.
Although the money could improve their situation, the ongoing cost of living crisis is still a concern.
A forecast by Cornwall Insight last month suggested the energy price cap could rise by 73% for average consumers – although the prediction could be significantly affected by changing wholesale prices.
And media discussion of the government's tax and spending options ahead of the Autumn Statement has been dominated by talk of a "black hole" in the public finances.
Ms Hunter said she would like to see Scottish and UK governments stepping in to support families with care responsibilities who may end up struggling.
She added: "I didn't speak out to get donations but at the same time I have to make sure that Freya is OK.
"I'm going to be helped but what about everyone else? I wanted the government to pay for it and do the right thing – it shouldn't have to be a celebrity that steps in."
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