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OXNARD, Calif. – Yes, it’s the real “Return to Football” for the Cowboys out here at training camp.
Why, for the first time this camp the pads came on for two straight days this week before what head coach Mike McCarthy calls a “mock game” practice on Wednesday, more of a walk-through workout with absolutely no pads before two more padded practices on Thursday and Friday.
Real man’s football these padded practice are, short of putting the guy with the ball on the ground. Just thudding them up if you know the definition of a thud.
“I want it cranked up,” McCarthy said prior to Monday’s padded workout. “I want the fur flying. I want the juice.”
Unfortunately, with fur flying and juice flowing comes injuries, and the Cowboys quickly found that out on Monday and then again on Tuesday.
Once again confirming what my camp roomie has taught me over the years, Brad Sham often saying, “We come to training camp to find out who is going to get hurt.” Never fails. And we didn’t have to wait long for disconcerting _shots_ to fall. Keep up, we’re going quick here.
And the last word this week goes to defensive coordinator Dan Quinn when asked why he decided to return to the Cowboys after having head coach interviews following the great coaching job he did in 2021, turning around what had been an awful Cowboys defense in 2020 and pointing out Cowboys owner Jerry Jones recently said he did take care of him financially.
“The first rule of fight club is to never talk about fight club,” Quinn began, diffusing the financial part of the question. “Unless my Jersey roots have changed, you don’t talk about contracts.
“But honestly, I’m having a blast here, I really am. I’m enjoying the whole process of what we’re doing. I just want to provide value to Mike first and to the defense. Every once in a while you find where your feet are and you’re in a good space and you feel it, and that’s really how I felt here.”
Good enough.
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Follow here for the latest Dallas Cowboys news and notes from training camp in Oxnard, Calif.
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