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Monster Hunter Rise
The world of Monster Hunter Rise gets bigger and deeper with this massive expansion featuring new monsters, new locales and more!

Note: You must own Monster Hunter Rise in order to play this expansion. Sunbreak content is accessible after completion of the 7-star Hub quest “Serpent Goddess of Thunder”. If you purchase this content while the game is open, you must restart the game in order to access the content.
Please make sure that you own the corresponding game before purchasing DLC.
This DLC is only compatible with the Americas’ version, and is NOT compatible with other regions’ version.
You can identify the region by going to the game’s software menu options, under Software Information and then Support Information. “Capcom USA Support Information” will be displayed if your game is Americas’ version.
We will be unable to provide refunds or exchanges for mistaken purchases.
The demo for the massive expansion Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is now available – visit the Monster Hunter Rise main game page for details and to download!
Early purchase bonuses
“Loyal Dog Costume” Palamute layered armor set
“Striped Cat Costume” Palico layered armor set
Note: Bonus content is available to customers who purchase by 20:59 PDT on Wednesday 17 August, 2022.
This content may be made available separately at a later date.
Layered armor is a “skin” which changes the appearance of the character without affecting their stats and abilities.
This game has modes and functions that require an internet connection and a paid subscription to Nintendo Switch Online.
©CAPCOM CO., LTD. 2021, 2022 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. MONSTER HUNTER RISE: SUNBREAK is a trademark and/or registered trademark of CAPCOM CO., LTD and/or its subsidiaries in the U.S. and/or other countries.
© Nintendo. Games are property of their respective owners. Nintendo of America Inc. Headquarters are in Redmond, Washington, USA


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