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We’re not entirely sure that will work…
If you’re even remotely present on the veritable hellscape that is Twitter, then you’ll have no doubt seen a meme in which gamers take photos of their Switch console docked with a game disc from another platform resting on top; a metaphor of the user’s desire to see a port of said game arrive on Switch.
Very droll, we’re sure you’ll agree, but ultimately a harmless way of inviting a few likes and retweets. But what if you tried it the other way around? Popping a Switch cart into the disc drive of a Wii U certainly sounds like a recipe for disaster, and unfortunately that’s exactly what one owner in North America had to deal with after their son got his hands on both systems.
In a post on Twitter, user Jose A Cruz shared photos of a gutted Wii U console in order to remove a bunch of Switch carts from the disc drive. Looking at the photos, it looks as though there are four carts in total, and while it’s not possible to see all of them, we can see that three of the four are Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, Mario Party Superstars, and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.
How this exactly came to be is anyone’s guess. Perhaps the owner’s son mistakenly thought the Switch carts would work on the Wii U? Maybe it was an act of rebellion? Regardless, we’re just picturing the look on the poor owner’s face when they realised where their missing Switch carts were – imagine!
Thankfully, it looks like everything ended on a positive note; in a follow-up tweet, the Wii U disc drive appears to be working fine and the Switch carts have been safely removed with no sign of damage. Happy days!
Let this serve as a cautionary tale, however; if you have children – particularly young ones – then be sure to keep your valuables well out of reach. Switch carts might taste pretty disgusting, but that doesn’t mean they won’t end up in other hard-to-reach places!
Have you lost a Switch cart only to find it in the most perculiar of places? Share your own stories in the comments below!
[source twitter.com]
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Ollie Reynolds
Nintendo Life’s resident horror fanatic, when he’s not knee-deep in Resident Evil and Silent Hill lore, Ollie likes to dive into a good horror book while nursing a lovely cup of tea. He also enjoys long walks and listens to everything from Motorhead to BB King.
Comments (66)
It’s posts like these that make me hella glad that I’ll NEVER have kids. I love my nieces and nephews but they ain’t touching my things.
My daughter stuffed coins into the slot on the CD changer in my car. Thankfully I removed it and was able to shake the coins out.
I’m glad the days of owning disc are over. For me now it’s either digital or cartridge only.
@DarthFoxMcCloud Same here, had a vasectomy AND live far away from humans in the mean time as well. But my nephew and nieces have all my love, and my rescued dog pack are my brother and sisters and I love them as only a father or mother can love their child. I never really liked the big discs (I loved how the Gamecube had small ones).
Now, if I DID have a child, and they found out that somehow the Wii U was FORWARD compatible with Switch cartridges through the disc drive… I wouldn’t be mad or anything. I might have me checked whether or not I’ve GONE mad though. And ask my money back and child support from the hospital where I had my vasectomy.
The sympathetic kid just felt sorry for Wii U and thought it could become more popular if it played Switch games.
You’ve heard of Wii U to Switch ports, but what about the other way around?
As someone who was raised mostly on cartridges thanks to the DS era, I’m glad the Switch….well, switched to them rather than sticking with discs. I can’t begin to tell you how many of my Wii games were ruined by even the slightest scratch.
Looking forward to having kids. Things like this might be annoying, but luckily I value the love from a person more than I care about entertainment.
Yes, I often put PS Vita games in my PS5 & get confused. Of course I always remember why & prise them out with a bread knife.
To quote John Conner in Terminator 2, "We aren’t going to make it, are we."
Stylish travel case for all your Switch cartridges
This reminded me of a long forgotten memory, of when my little brother posted slices of toast into a VCR.
After a couple decades of laughing at children and animals being idiots on the internet, I don’t know how people still manage to leave anything remotely valuable or dangerous where they can get to it.
@DarthFoxMcCloud Ditto. If I do have a child (which I will not), I don’t know what I would do if my kid did that to my Wii U.
Also if you have kids you will have much much less free time and money to enjoy on gaming.
This kid clearly believes in Wii U supremacy.
I think pets do far more destruction than kids
Removed – inappropriate
Children have always done this, it’s not news worthy 🙄
@Tasuki “It’s in your nature to destroy your … stuff?”
Adult nintendolife writer posts story about personal blunder, blames son.

@Abeedo Obviously, chosing to not have kids on this world has little to do with them ruining a gaming device. It has to do with ancestors ruining the planet and their life for them already, and they potentially and highly likely being part of the collective that continues to ruin the planet, kills our brothers and sisters of other species for a meal, every day… With me having struggled with depression throughout most of my life and now struggling with "authorities" over who has the the highest authority when it comes to my decision making, which should never be an argument in a "free" country. I don’t want that to continue. What do I really care about stuff… I care about life more than most people I know, in all its beautiful forms, and would NEVER take that away from ANYONE, and if HUMAN life was a beautiful gift in my experience, and a human life was a beautiful gift to nature, I would have gladly given it. As it stands now, I chose to adopt (animals from kill shelters and such), don’t shop or procreate. Several women also tried to babytrap me in the past, also leading to my decision to get vasectomised, so the discussion isn’t even on the table. There’s more to it to some people, and it isn’t the selfish choice many people make it out to be, while many people do have kids because they want them for selfish reasons – which I’m not going to generalise, I respect your choice, but I’ve just seen many parents that had no real love for their kids. So please just consider that when you think about the choice of having or not having kids – it’s not one being stupid and selfish and the other being an act of altruism and kindness. People have their reasons, and most people are good by intention, or ignorant of being bad when it’s considered "normal", and most people are also selfish.
I’m so glad I don’t want kids. Granted I would have never done this to my parents but kids are a roll of the dice personality wise and sometimes all the home training in the world does nothing. Nope. Not for me.
@Soylentcuck what a very mature reaction. None of your assumptions are remotely true (except for that I am vegan, and care about the planet and all of its life, yes, something wrong with that?), remotely original, or made anyone’s day remotely better.
Stuff like this, is why my biggest turn off in the dating world, is when someone expresses an interest in having kids.
Nope. Bail. Cue the Zero Escape "Seek a Way Out" screen. Wont be seeing me again!
@Soylentcuck woo, that is so not true at all but if that’s what you believe, good luck.
This reminds me of a story someone I knew at a former job told me long ago. Their youngest kid had just learned about the uses of piggy banks, saw the disc slot on the family Wii, and proceeded to start loading it with coins. The parents were none the wiser until the system wouldn’t work. They sent the Wii in to Nintendo for repair (the console was still on fire then), and the center was nice enough to send the coins back too.
@Soylentcuck my thought exactly. I’d put this kerfuffle at a super low intensity on the list of consequences for having kids and a gaming habit. Saying that as someone with kids who at various times have accidentally broken or damaged some of my video games or other things (RIP complete Calvin and Hobbes box set). Kids drain your finances dry, clean out your free time and might wreck a prized possession or five. It’s not a lifestyle for everyone that’s for sure. For me I’m taking everything I have and investing it in the kids, I didn’t set the world on fire but they might. I prefer that gamble and all the satisfaction that comes with raising children over my old pristine yet lifeless game room any day.
@Hot_Chick yaass, it is like a record scratch for me. As soon as I hear that it’s time to dial it back to friendship. I don’t knock people for their choices but woo I want absolutely nothing to do with it. I do enjoy academic/professional mentorship however (of either older teens or adults. Again no kids).
The worst my nephew did was when he was like 4 years old, he inserted the Mario Kart 8 dics in the Wii U in the wrong orientation. Thankfully it didn’t affect the functionality of both the disc and the disc drive.
EDIT: On the topic of kids and Wii Us, as rule of thumb, I tell my nephew that if he wants to play Wii U he has to play while sitting on the bed. I have the system in my room and I don’t let him play while standing up to avoid damage to the GamePad.
@Soylentcuck please stop making yourself look even dumber by making assumptions about someone who you don’t know the first thing about, and acting all hostile. While boasting about your plans to mass-reproduce and follow some movies, calling it "common sense" even when saying it’s not common, and when not making much sense… Oh well, we’re clearly done here.
I’m a 37 years old dude and still single, still living with my Mom and my siblings, I have no interest at all in making family (single forever) and so what ?
Wow, this escalated quickly. We can’t even live and let live about a decision on whether to have kids? Yikes.
I can’t say I relate to "this is why I don’t have kids" reactions. This is damaged stuff. If you had kids and you heavily value the stuff that much, I’m pretty sure it would be natural to keep them away from it.
But, yeah, kids (like all of us) make mistakes as they learn and need to keep learning and changing their minds about things as they experience life — they just don’t have much experience.
I do think that bringing up kids is not for everyone, though. I could share about the joys of it, but my background and experience is likely very different (people are different!) I don’t think much good would come of "forcing" people who don’t want kids to have them and raise them.
@Soylentcuck I don’t understand why you limit the "acceptable" reasons to genealogical illnesses, though? Is it such a stretch to include a person’s environment, upbringing, financial situation, and personal beliefs into "acceptable" reasons for deciding not to have children?
@Shambo People in the comments reasoning was definitely more for personal desires rather than the heroic goal of stopping overpopulation, so I think my comment stands lol.
I’m a single forever, even on my age 37 years old so I can keep pursuing my gaming hobby.
@Soylentcuck Or someone saying they don’t want kids… don’t want kids.
I realize that some people have a personal philosophy that all humans than can procreate should but not everyone shares that view and it can be dangerous to both parents and children resulting in subpar conditions if not abuse on both sides.
However the belief that someone is running away from responsibility is arrogant, condescending and absurd. People take on major responsibilities of all kinds daily and some do so with kids and some without, but a person that (hopefully) choses children isn’t more valid or responsible than one that doesn’t. Neither is procreation the only way that a person contributes to both the earth and society. For that matter procreation in this overpopulated world is far less required than good families for existing children, which any stable adult if they so choose can provide.
However at the end of the day if a person chooses not to have kids there is absolutely nothing wrong with that choice.
@Soylentcuck Jesus Christ. You can’t sacrifice a child that wasn’t even conceived. I’ve seen a lot of awful people online attack others for some dumb crap, but you have to be the king of triggered butthurt attacking. Some people don’t want kids, simple as that. It doesn’t make them selfish, stupid, man children, irresponsible, or any other nonsense you incorrectly claimed. People like you are what’s wrong with the world, and the exact type of person that shouldn’t be breeding and teaching the next generation. Go take a nap or something.
@Soylentcuck mate don’t tell people how to live their life. I feel no obligation to have children either but I’m not forcing my ideals down anyone’s throat.
It’s a gaming site so we’re gonna talk about games here, not kids.
@Soylentcuck Damn, no wonder it was said the Mayans predicted the future.
@aaronsullivan my pack of dogs destroys stuff all of the time, and i love them not in the slightest any less because of that. I try to keep it away.. But I appreciate your take on it, I’m just sure that not all of the "this is why…" comments are the one sole reason. And I really appreciate your more sober and sensible open approach over that of a certain other that just went completely insane.
@Abeedo I see your point about that, but I wouldn’t assume that is truly their sole reason. And if it is, that’s still fine, no harm done there. If you truly dislike them for it, be happy they won’t reproduce instead Many people WANT kids to HAVE them, not to share the gift called life or because their cup of love is overflowing. I’d say it is my love FOR (as opposed to from, but I assume you meant love in both ways) the unborn AND the ones already suffering, human or otherwise, that prevents me from wanting to add humans to that. I just wanted to clearly state that in response to your comment, no hard feelings. Yet there’s no harm in making a joke, and initially felt no need to add a disclaimer that it is not actually my one and only, or even remotely a reason i consider, or a trigger warning (I’m not referring to you here)… But I guess he was right in one thing: common sense ain’t that common. Have a good one, let’s all try and be friends here without forcing our ideas on one another, and whatever you do…
keep your cartridges out of my disc drive!
I didn’t expect to see people have an argument concerning childbearing in the comments of such a cute post on a Nintendo site.
@Soylentcuck You may want to work on yourself before thinking of having children…
@Abeedo On god 🫡
Small children will shove things wherever they’ll fit.
When my niece was very small, I had to take apart my mom’s DVD player because the child shoved multiple discs in at once.
She also tried to shove as many of my PS1 and PS2 discs into the VCR on another occasion. A few for scratched.
To become a parent or not is a personal decision that no one, whichever they choose, need justify.
However, after our daughter who was diagnosed with leukemia at 14 died at 19, I had a number of people tell me that they knew just how I felt because their dog had died last year or whatever.
No. They had no idea how I felt. And still feel.
It’s good to hear everything still works. I would be much more worried about my Wii U not working than the potential loss of a few Switch games.
If only the wii u was forward compatible
what in god’s name happened in this comment section before i got here this is such a harmless fluff piece
But WHYYYY tho?
@Shambo Tbh I didn’t read the comments after me so I didn’t know about the chat getting toxic. I think that while they might have better, more understandable reasons that they didn’t voice, it’s not unreasonable for me to object to the silly views that they did voice. Hopefully the comments don’t get more ridiculous in the future, as it appears that things have escalated rapidly.
@k8sMum Indeed nobody needs to justify any of that, we can definitely agree on that (I was going to say “all” but someone clearly couldn’t), that is assuming people can reasonably make their own decisions and act responsible still, know their own circumstances best, and are their own highest authorities, which at a certain number of children or some other behaviour becomes still does become questionable. Still not my business. I never demanded anyone’s justification, or gave one without it being clearly called for just to clearify, to come to a better understanding.
I am really sorry that happened to you (I don’t know a better way to say it in English, because I’m not sorry since I had nothing to do with it, but I find it terribly sad you and your child had to go through that, and you still do, you know what I mean to say), but it is ALWAYS useless and degrading to say that you know how someone feels at such a loss. Also when you assume my feeling of loss would be less because my “children”, my brother and sisters, rescues from death, are adopted dogs.
@Abeedo You’re certainly not wrong, if someone wants you to fully understand their reasoning, they should openly and honestly just say what they feel, think, and mean (which is what I did and why i did it), and objecting to it is perfectly within your rights, whether they’ve fully explained or just kept it short and simple, either ecause there is no more behind it, or because what’s behind it has little place in a Nintendo related website’s comment section. I just wouldn’t want anyone to think that I hate children or parents in general, or that pointing out what may for someone be ONE reason, doesn”t mean it is THE reason for EVERYONE to make that decision. It’s not an easy decision, I too once dreamed of having a child to show the wonders of life, and embody them, and it often has much more reasoning behind it when people chose, or are lead to the choice, of abandoning that dream, or never having had it to begin with. That said, i have often seen or somehow ended up being part of such arguments over this matter, and people on either side showing their (hopefully) worst side.
It really did escalate from 0 to 100 in 0 seconds, one moment I said I made a personal choice in a reaction to someone, no harm done to anyone, the next it was 100% toxic hate by someone completely different making some wild assumptions, saying them in the most hateful ways, and calling people out for child sacrifice among other absurdities… Wherever that came from. Weirdly enough, that first triggered reaction seems to have vanished without even a notice that it once was there.
i think parents need to teach their kids the difference between a cd and a cartridge so it wouldnt happen again or not leave games lying around at all.
@Shambo Yeah, don’t worry about it. I think you reasoned yourself well, so you shouldn’t be worried about anyone competent misunderstanding your intentions.
guys a kid put cartridges in a disc drive its supposed to be a cute, inoffensive article how did you turn it into a debate on having children wHat
@Dr_Corndog Same thing happened to our CD player.
Man these comments are depressing.
As a kid, I put a Styrofoam cup up my nose. Well, pieces of Styrofoam cup. I couldn’t get it to fit otherwise. The point is kids do things that baffle grownups but make sense to the kids. My daughter is one year old and almost knocked my Wii U tablet onto the floor from a shelf. I have since relocated said tablet.
Wow, a lot of anger brewing down here. If anything, Dad should be happy his kiddo did this to his Wii U. If it were me, I’d have disassembled it myself and discovered that clog of dirt inside and cleaned it, much like the repair tech did for this dad and his son. He didn’t even break anything, so really this was a blessing in disguise for that poor Wii U.
Oh my. That reminds me of the time a cousin messed up the vcr by cramming stuff into it that definitely wasn’t sposed to be there. I think it was a sandwich, but can’t exactly remember. I’m guessing this kid is somewhere between 2-4?
Toddlers love technology. Mine is obsessed with my phone, consoles and any remote she can get her hands on. Leave them alone for 10 seconds and they’ll find a way to destroy something.
What the hell have I just stepped into.
Anyway, imagine if there was a disc rammed in there too.
Reminds me of when my brother put coins inside my Wii disc drive.
My dad had to pull it apart and get it back together somehow. It was out of commision for a few weeks iirc.
Bless. Children are a blessing
A lot of comments from single adult men talking about how they would never want to have children because they don’t want them touching their precious game consoles… I am going out on a limb and saying that acting like children yourself is probably part of the reason some of you will never have children and not because you claim to choose it. Children will naturally be children and will do things like this out of their own curiosity. No need to get angry towards either the parent or the child as you can’t predict everything they will do.
What can we learn from this?
1. go digital
2. use condoms
Fun crowd….Jesus 🤣
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