Reflect on your 2021 gaming achievements with PlayStation 2021 Wrap-Up – PlayStation

Start off the year with free avatars available for PS5 and PS4 players.
In 2021 there were a lot of fantastic experiences that many PlayStation fans enjoyed, such as Returnal, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, and Deathloop. As the new year is in full swing, we’re pleased to bring back the PlayStation 2021 Wrap-Up report, celebrating your gaming achievements on PS4 and PS5.
Starting today through February 20, PS4 and PS5 users* can access and share their PlayStation 2021 Wrap-Up report, with stats such as the number of games played, earned Trophies, playtime on PS4 and PS5 titles, and more.  
Here are a few of the stats from my 2021 wrap-up report:
You can also view stats achieved collectively by PlayStation players from around the world in 2021, including the most popular weapon in Returnal, total number of wrecks in Destruction AllStars, and the percentage of players who have met Kit in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart.
A code to download four free avatars will be available to both PS5 and PS4 users who access their PlayStation 2021 Wrap-Up report. For more details, you can visit the PlayStation 2021 Wrap-Up page.
*Users need to have a registered PSN account in their region, be age 18 years or over, have played games on a PS4 or PS5 console for at least 10 hours between January 1, 2021 and December 31, 2021. Users who have not consented to the collection of “Full Data” from their PlayStation 5 system settings, may be unable to participate in the Wrap-Up campaign.
Users located in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australasia, India, and Russia, who have not consented to the collection of “Additional Data” from their PlayStation 4 system settings, may be unable to participate in the Wrap-Up campaign.

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My avatar voucher is not redeeming. Please help.
Hello, i am new to this, btw i just got a ps5, it is SICK
(Definitely recommend)
Sad, they couldn’t even fill in all the ps symbols with ps characters. They had to throw death stranding in there?
You are so out of touch, playstation.
Death Stranding recently released the Director’s Cut. You don’t even have a wrap up because you don’t own a PlayStation so why do you care? 🤡
Complaining about free things lol. BTW, these are avatars of 2021, PS5 games. R&C, Returnal, Destruction All-Stars, and Death Stranding Director’s Cut. You would know if you had a PlayStation.
I, unfortunately, own a ps5, 🤡.
You probably think death stranding is a ps5 exclusive, like all those other games you say are ps5-only, but aren’t. 🤡
Same here!
My wrap up still not working, please help!!!
Same here
My avatar voucher says it can’t be redeemed in my NA region. What’s with that?
Same 🙁
Something’s Wrong
Looks like we had a problem finding some of your data.”
same here… really annoying tbh
Same here! been dealing with this since 10AM EST
Literally the same. Everything checks, so it’s kind of irritating.
Same here. And yes, “All Data” is selected in my PS5 settings to share with Playstation. I look forward to my wrap-up every year, but obviously they should not have posted this blog when they are having issues and can’t deliver yet…
Same. Is this going to be fixed or are we just SOL.
Same… 🙄
lo mismo… son unos genios estos de playstation.
Doesn’t work for me either.
Same for me in Canada.
So I take it I’m not the only one…
Same, please fix this
Same, sort it out Sony
Same here in Philippines.
Same here. I live in US, have settings to share all the info, have probably 1,000 hours +, and I’m over 18 and don’t see my stats which i was looking forward to. 🙁
Same… Looks like Sony finished. 😏
Same from Portugal here…
Same, disappointing.
Same. I had been looking forward to the yearly retrospective so I am disappointed that it isn’t working for my account.
Meanwhile, my buddy two towns over got his already, so that’s cool I guess.
Announces wrap-up.
Tonnes of users unable to view.
Good one, Sony. Excellent.
same. Uk from this morning and roughly 8hrs later.
possibly swamped due to all the requests, but you’d think there would be anticipation for this.
Same here, do the mininum sony…
Same!! It’s always worked for me in years past.
Same here in Brazil
same – really disappointing
Yep, same problem.
Same error
But they don’t care
On me the button says loading and if you wait it does nothing
same, with ps4 spending over 200hrs
Also same :S
Same in UK
Should we start a club 🤔 🤣
Same here. Look forward to this every year and to get this msg, totally sucks!
Same. Tried on a couple different days at different times now. Maybe Oklahoma is too exotic a location for this feature.
Did everyone check they allowed full data sending?
Same 🙁
what should I do?
I wish there was somewhere on the support page we could report this and get some help. I look forward to this feature every year. The error message doesn’t help me resolve the issue.
Same here. Been trying for days now and still nothing
same me in Türkiye
Same. And I qualify for everything they list.
Same… I’m in the US.. can this be fixed
Me from Montenegro , i got mine from Croatia from German vpn
I had a problem and i fixed it. 🙂
Lmao at the guy who thought the other guy had no console.
Something’s Wrong
Problems finding some data…
Bravo PS
It only says error 404 :/
My friend’s is working but not mine. 🙁
Something’s Wrong
Something’s Wrong
Looks like we had a problem finding some of your data.
Same in Australia. This is a less than fortunate occurrence. Here’s hoping they get it fixed before the cut off date in February.
Not working at all…
not working for me either
Keeps saying error 404
Got mine.
Bear in mind the servers are probably getting hammered for this. Just give it a few hours and you should have no problem. There’s no urgency.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be a server thing. 36 hours later and I’m getting the same message as yesterday. 🙁
I’ve been waiting for 4 days
Yah, do some reflecting.
Make some big changes.
Fire people.
Hire gamers; not bean-counters.
i can’t access please help!
$20 Billion
You know they’re scrambling to come up with something.
Keeps saying UH OH
Why can’t I see my hours?
Something’s Wrong
Looks like we had a problem finding some of your data.
PLAYSTATION 2021 Wrap-Up is only available in select locations. Users must also be 18 years or older and have more than 10 gameplay hours on PS4 and / or PS5 in 2021.
I have this error message when I try: “UH OH
Something’s Wrong
Looks like we had a problem finding some of your data.”
My data collection was set to limited but I changed now to full and I still get the error.
Same. Hopefully they refresh it soon. If I would have known this would have affected gettign a wrap up I would have enabled full sharing immediately. I love the wrap ups!
Not working. from middle east and have full data collection on ps5 too.
Seems a little inaccurate in some areas… I mean yes, I probably played 650 hours of FortNite, but I definitely played at least a couple hours of VR and it says 0.
It might be down to the console. I played over 200 hours of VR last year…….. but it was mostly on PS5. The VR stat is under the “PS4” section and for me it says 9 hours, and I think that sounds about right for how much time I played it on that console.
What games did you play on psvr, Ands?
Yup, I played 0 hours of PSVR, but Astro Bot Rescue is my 4th most-played game. LOL.
“The prepaid card is not available in this region.” It says the promotion includes US, though…
It’s seriously kind of amazing to me how this is like the third promotion for avatars in a row with issues. First two didn’t correctly estimate how many trophies users could reasonably earn in order to reach the goals that were set. When the second one ended prematurely, there was an easter egg hunting video that rewarded a set of avatars.. Only the avatars rewarded didn’t even match the ones that were pictured. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Not trying to be a downer! I just really wish it were easier to get new avatars for PSN, especially since they can’t even be purchased on PS5.
For 2021 I got 17 platinums, which I think is record amount for me.
Top plaid games show as:
1 – The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles
80 HOURS – On PS5 it says 53 hours
2 – Yakuza 0
70 HOURS- On PS5 it says 50 hours
3 – Mass Effect™ Legendary Edition
52 HOURS- On PS5 it says 43 hours. I only played ME1 during 2021. Started ME2 this January and have played it for nearly 20 hours.
4 – 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim
47 HOURS- PS5 says the same!!
5 – Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart
29 HOURS- WHAT. On PS5 it says 15 hours and I know for a fact that I played it for 15, not 29.
maybe one version is tracking your idle hours in game as well?
Wow! 😳
They got one game correct though – 😬
Is this showing that PS cheats on it’s gaming stats to make it look like people are playing more than they really are??
I think you’re right that it’s including the time when I’m idling on the main PlayStation screen on PS5 without closing the game.
I would do the same thing when I played through 13 Sentinels, but that is the one game on my list that I played entirely on PS4Pro before getting a PS5.
Strange that they chose to include that time when the PS5 itself more accurately shows how much time you’re actually playing, not idling on PlayStation screen.
Another year, another Playstation Wrap Up that doesn’t work for no apparent reason.
Speaking of wrap-ups, how about Microsoft this week amirite!? Great day to be a gamer in that ecosystem…
As for Sony, thanks! I’m sure you meant for the reward codes to work for Canadians. That’s almost just as good as them actually working for Canadians I guess…
Doesn’t seem to work in the U.K.
Ha ha Microlimp – yup, when Sony sells TWICE any many consoles as you can – you get so desperate you’ll spend $70 BILLION in hopes of taking Call of Duty away maybe in 2024 lol. I’m sure future Activition microsoft exclusives will only make a tiny fraction of PS5 owners by an xbox. I know i’ll never will. PS5 all day baby. Looking forward to PSVR2 as well 😎
tried to redeem the avatar but is not working
Something’s Wrong
Looks like we had a problem finding some of your data.
PLAYSTATION 2021 Wrap-Up is only available in select locations. Users must also be 18 years or older and have more than 10 gameplay hours on PS4 and / or PS5 in 2021.
My Journey just started
I don’t care how many people played Returnal Sony. I didn’t play it because its STILL too expensive for a game made by such a small studio. It should NEVER have been more than €40
I skipped on 3 games in PS Plus last year. I have never done that before. GodAwfall was most certainly one lol.
I agree that games shouldn’t be $70, but Returnal is as quality as any other big release. BTW, it’s been on sale for $40.
What did you play instead of returnal?
Returnal is well worth the $70 price tag. It is my personal GOTY for 2021 HANDS DOWN. Also, it has been on sale for $40 at times.
It think that games will be good on PlayStation if they were 60 dollars max
And actually had replayability.
tried to redeem the avatar but is not working
Getting an error. Same with a bunch of friends. Maybe it’s not 100% functional in the NA region yet?
Mine isn’t working. I’m fairly certain I’ve agreed to all the date collection.
I can’t reach to the page!
Not working for me ):
It isn’t working for parts of North America.
Seriously? Well that’s dumb
I had to do ten “puzzles” on no coffee just to log in, and then because I got one wrong I had to do ten more. Seriously, what is that about? Just give me a captcha or 2FA.
Then it told me there’s no data for me. Unreal.
I had to do 20 friggin cat and cheese puzzles to login to Playstation today. Ridiculous!
I have 2fa on, and did the cheese and mouse (messed up one TWICE), and i did 60 (20×3) THEN my 2FA, only to be greeted with the “oh no” page
Wait really ? That never happened to me
Not working in Finland and yes, I enabled additional data on PS4 and played way more than ten hours last year.
Something’s Wrong
My “Data you provide” has always been set the “Full” and ive always gotten these every year till now.
Same. I’ve never had an issue til this year. And I can’t see any of my stats.
This tool doesn’t work. Just broken
Something’s Wrong
Looks like we had a problem finding some of your data.”
Come on. Is this relative with the drop of SONY’s stock?
Dont be so panic please.😂 Microsoft have Aacivision Blizzard now but not everything.😂
Why do i have to solve 20 mice puzzles before i even get to look at my stats? Only to get a message saying its wrong?
Seriously. I had to do the same damn mouse thing 20 times. Then I got the “oops, couldn’t find your data” message. Worst customer experience I’ve ever had on PS. That was absolutely terrible.
How did you get your stats in that format for your screenshot?! Looks amazing and want to replicate it for social media 🙂
Did it, entered the code to redeem it on my phone and it came back valid. Checked my ps and nothing was there (not even in my downloads). I tried putting the code in again and now it’s saying the code is invalid because the code has been used before…
I should of gotten it when I redeemed it in the first place?
I don’t know if I’m the only person having this sort of problem?
Uh oh error here too…
The page isn’t working for me. I get this message:
Something’s Wrong
Looks like we had a problem finding some of your data.
PLAYSTATION 2021 Wrap-Up is only available in select locations. Users must also be 18 years or older and have more than 10 gameplay hours on PS4 and / or PS5 in 2021.”
Mine too
Same for me as well
why info is missing?
some game dosent count and are missing
i played around 80hours of borderlands 2 but its not in the list of 5
can somone tell me why?
My avatar voucher is not redeeming. Please help. “Uhoh” error at every try :S
I unfortunately cannot redeem the voucher for the theme. Avatars worked just fine though but what’s that all about? 🙁
I don’t think there is a theme
@yasink When you get your rewards, there’s a little treasure chest section and it has the codes for the avatar pack and theme, but with the way it’s not letting me redeem the code, you might be right about there not being one lol.
I think that is the code for last year’s one, as mine has 2020 & 2019 chest code thing
Going to look dumb but does anyone understand the days played part? As it says I am a time traveller
I live in the US but keeps saying its not available in my region.
Why did this link require me to solve 20 (Yes 20!) Cheese/mouse maze puzzles to log in? That’s bananas. I got every single one right, and still needed to enter my 2FA right after.
Come on. That doesn’t sound reasonable.
Also, after all that it just told me it’s not available in my area so thanks for nothing I guess.
Love these stats, thanks!
This tool doesn’t work. Just broken – wrong page all the time.
i wanna my avatar free
Oh wow, why does this page have the most awful ‘captcha’ system? I had to do TWENTY puzzles before I was able to log in. Then when I wanted to redeem my avatars I had to do twenty more, what a joke.
Seriously, captcha picking 20 mouse that can’t reach the cheese? Is this an idiotic joke? Who is the absolute useless piece of captcha who came up with this?
Me to
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