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July 5, 2022
The text of the following statement was agreed upon by the ministers of sport or their equivalent from the countries and individuals listed at the bottom of the statement.
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Russia’s unprovoked and unjustifiable war of choice against Ukraine, facilitated by the Belarusian government, is abhorrent and a flagrant breach of its international obligations. Respect for human rights and peaceful relations between nations form the foundation of international sport.
We, as a collective of like-minded nations, reaffirm our statement of 8 March and, while recognizing the autonomy of sporting organizations, further state our governments’ position that:
In cases where national and international sports organizations, and other event organizers, choose to permit sportspeople (including athletes, officials and administrators) from Russia and Belarus to participate in sporting events:
We call on all international sport federations to take account of these principles, applaud all those that have taken action already, and encourage our own domestic sporting bodies to engage with their international federations to do so. These restrictions should be in place until cooperation under the rules-based international order has become possible again.
Furthermore, we reiterate our encouragement for the international sport community to continue to show its solidarity with the people of Ukraine, including through supporting the continuation and reconstruction of Ukrainian sport where possible.
Signed by the following ministers or their equivalents:

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