State of Play returns Wednesday – PlayStation

Updates on upcoming third-party games for PS4 and PS5 are in store Wednesday, October 27 starting at 2:00pm PT.
Hello again! Just a quick note to tell you that State of Play returns Wednesday, October 27 at 2:00pm PT / 10:00pm BST. As usual, you can watch our broadcast live on Twitch and YouTube. Hooray!
This time out, we’ll be focusing on announcements and updates for upcoming third-party releases headed to PS5 and PS4. 
The show is looking to be ~20 minutes or so, and will share new looks at previously announced games, plus a few reveals from our partners around the world. 
See you Wednesday!
Regarding Co-streaming and Video-On-Demand (VOD)
Please note that this broadcast may include copyrighted content (e.g. licensed music) that PlayStation does not control. We welcome and celebrate our amazing co-streamers and creators, but licensing agreements outside our control could interfere with co-streams or VOD archives of this broadcast. If you’re planning to save this broadcast as a VOD to create recap videos, or to repost clips or segments from the show, we advise omitting any copyrighted music.

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All I want is more Square Enix and Japanese games. Bloodborne remaster. Maybe DLC for Returnal?
They specifically said 3rd party so Bloodborns and Returnal wishes aren’t happening here.
Bloodborne probably wont get a remaster as it’s third party, and already playable on the PS5. So there isn’t much point, and it’s unlikely the original developers would want to undermine their own title. They also didn’t bother with a “Pro” patch years ago.
SIE seems to do as much as it can to bury and ignore anything made in Japan though. Not sure why anyone says that Sony doesn’t have exclusives, when it exclusive-ly cares about games and players in the NA region. 😂
@MiseryPrincess you can’t be serious right? first of all Bloodborne ip is owned by sony, they can remaster it and they already did, all that is left is the announcement.
Bloodborne is made by a 3rd party studio fromsoftware so yes it’s very likely to be announced. wtf are you talking about CHUNG-FU6699 LOL fromsoftware isn’t a first party studio
Sony own the rights to call games that title and publishing rights to the first game, but that’s it.
Releasing a remake of an old launch title you can buy for basically no money at Sony prices, which you can already play, just before a brand new title releases in 3 months, is a bit silly.
Returnal needs a save feature
It’s messed up that they bundle all the news to share at a specific date. If they’re trying to be some sort of e3, it’s dumb. They should share news as soon as possible.
Can we even get ANY smart ideas from anyone who works there? – a janitor, parking attendant, that girl no one talks to? 😶
I got the platinum on blood’s my finest achievement in games but I do not want a remaster taking up anyones time. The original is playable on PS5. Let it go.
Stop the game censorship. There is an age rating for a reason.
Bloodborne remaster is in development by Bluepoint. Bloodborne is a first party game co developed by SIE JP.
Sony remade Demon’s Souls without From Soft. Honestly, some of the things you say make you sound like a casual.
The fact that Bloodborne didn’t receive a Pro patch actually bodes well for a remaster.
Who says Sony doesn’t have exclusives? I won’t bother listing them. Sony has an incredible relationship with Kojima, Square, and Atlus to name a few. FFVII, FFXVI, Persona, Forspoken, Death Stranding, Ni No Kuni, Astro, etc. C’mon man.
Aww, it’s trying to use insults.
Anyway, probably a convincing list of “Sony exclusives” wouldn’t be one entirely made up of third party titles and one by a studio they recently closed.
Bloodborne is not first party. The studio that made it is third party (by the way FromSoftware is 1 word, just so you don’t “sound like a casual”. Sony gave some advice on some technical aspects, they didn’t make any gameplay, asset or any single part of the actual game. A third party gave the same assistance on Days Gone, by the same rules, that’s a third party game? Right?
According to Bluepoint, and Sony, Bluepoint is making a new franchise. A new franchise wouldn’t be remaking an old one.
Remaking a game means copying basically everything. Other than the assets which they largely got from Epic megascans/Metahuman. What was that “point” supposed to be?
As Sony has such a “great relationship” with Square Enix I guess we can expect Bravely Default and all their other Switch Exclusives soon, right? Right? There’s been 2 Nintendo exclusive Persona games. Kojima is doing whatever, and is rumored to be not working with Sony. Soo, again that’s a kind of crappy list.
let’s see what comes from this.
So only “third party” games? Hopefully it’s not too focused on games that have already been revealed
I would go more with… Hey look at these games we have coming up in a year or so. (just so you don’t get crazy at the rubbish with gave you in ps plus post)
This does piss me off
Nice 😀
I wasn’t expecting this! Nice!
Bloodborne Remastered PC
Gran Turismo 7, day 1, PC.
Remastered with all DLC & cars – $50
Show more Deathloop please…
This comment made my morning thank you lol
Lol they’ll find some way to get it in here. Whether it be to talk about some kind of free update or DLC or something. Deathloop in all these shows must continue!
also on pc
Well according to reports, Returnal and the Demon’s Souls Remake are going to PC soon. Some people here will quickly change their tone on the PC release strategy!
STAY mad hahahahahah many many exclusives are going to PC and there’s nothing you can do about it lol
can’t wait to see more PC games, let’s gooooooo Sony! welcome to the PC master race platform
Imagine create a PSN account with zero games and trophies on profile just to comment in this blog… Pathetic.
An apology from Jim Ryan for his comment about “nobody should be upset about cross-gen games” would be greatly appreciated.
Not all of us are corporate slaves who just accept everything because they’re addicted to gaming.
Jim ryan is an idiot
The only apology you’ll ever get from a corporation is the non apology “we’re sorry you’re upset”.
@samcoolguy90 stfu
YAY!!! Updates for PS5 Games, for PS5 consoles, that you Can’t find. Sounds awesome.
Yet it outsold the Ps4 during the first year, and that year isnt over yet, fascinating.
try and stop sony from releasing Bloodborne on PC and a “whole slate” of other games lol go start a petition or protest in the streets hahahahaha “steam is just code” lol you gonna hack it and remove sony games from it? better start trying lmao
FFVII Remake 2 or more Elden Ring and I’ll be in dreamland. They did say reveals and more details on announced games, correct?
I’m curious to see what a 3rd party State of Play looks like without Deathloop lol
I’d like to see Final Fantasy 16, but I’d rather them work on the game if that’s what they’d prefer. Other than that, I have no expectations and will be pleasantly surprised (which is the healthy way of going into these things). Can’t wait!
Hogwarts Legacy please
I rlly hope us Fnaf fans get a new look at Fnaf SB
Here’s some more games also coming to Microsoft Windows. With FreeSync support and save backup without a subscription service. Hooray!
~My thoughts on the occasion ~
~- Gamers -~
“please…stop…the scalpers_(:_」∠)_
“Let me…buy PS5…direct _(:_」∠)_
~- Jim Ryan -~
“DLC and updates coming soon”
~- Also Jim Ryan -~
“D-emand L-oads-o C-ash to “Update” our super yachts!! Meheh! EHEHEHH!! MEEEEHEHEHEEHHH!!!
also more PC ports coming and PS5 games day/date on pc
I hope we get another look at Project Eve.
What I would want is a fix to the PS3 servers to download games on PS3.
I know I’m not the only one and people on YouTube are in fact saying the same thing.
It’s like it doesn’t want to connect to the server, the links might be broken and we can’t access Sony Entertainment ID online.
Calm down Drama queen.
You got no life fanboy.
they will show us Uncharted and God of war PC gameplay 100% ……. then announce demons souls for pc , bloodborne pc port and then special bundle of Spider man 2018 + Miles Morales coming to PC just for $50
It will be the announcement of “Sony month”. A month of Sony games on Gamepass, featuring every Sony game ever.
The last 2 minutes will be the announcement of a $90 patch to add 30fps to Medievil on PS5, shutting down the PS Store on PS4, increasing PS+ prices, making all new games $723 and the SIE management all peeing on a map of Europe/Japan while screaming like baboons.
Though I feel I am setting my expectations a little too high.
The will announce that PSVR 2 is actually just an app for Oculus Quest too.
Sid, you missed the chance of saying “See you next Wednesday”. It being Halloween season and all lol.
I’d love to see Forspoken or FFXVI. Oooh and what about that Metal Gear Solid remake?!
It is ok to realese gow 2018 on pc
But don’t do like xbox realese same date on pc do like now 2 – 3 years
Thanks for give us quality games playstation
IF it was some port studio doing it. Literally Santa Monica Studio themselves are wasting time on this, a game that will NOT even sell the day one 3 million PS4 sales across its entire lifetime on PC.
Get ready next year for God of War Ragnorok being pushed back to 2023. Will you be saying it was okay for this PC port’s existence then?
Only interested in VR at this point. Maybe I’ll buy an Oculus Quest headset after their showcase on the 28th October.
They require you to have facebook linked to use their headsets. Got rid of my rift s for that reason, alone. Get the valve index, if you can afford it.
They are probably going to give the first update on VR is “it will work on PC and we are bringing all our PSVR games over for you too have fun PS5?Look at this reflection on Wolverines claw isn’t this cool”
State of play begins with pc ports. Playstation studios is for pc not for playstation anymore. Jim ryan ruined everything. Time to leave from playstation community i like to be the part of which has more great games to play. PC is now perfect for everything. Pc rocks. Playstation fails.
Please please please dont just be games… god not again. It’s increasingly discouraging each time nothing is said of the platform’s evolution. XB has been doing so much and PS looks motionless next to them. I feel like Sauske when Naruto is actively surpassing him lol.
Really hope big things have been happening behind the scenes.
Err like what??? You want Sony to announce a garbage, 4 times weaker than PS5 console, that holds back all development for the the next 7 years, even their own games??? The exact thing that is happening with Xbox right now.
They could announce 3D audio that works through normal TV speakers. One of the features the PS5 is supposed to have but doesn’t yet.
No we are def agreed there haha. I’m concerned for the platform, not the hardware. Though it’s very relevant to my concern that you read platform and think hardware. Sony isnt doing enough to change this way many of their gamers think. Notice all the frustration with PC ports, even from those that say they would go PC if it keeps up. The irony is that they would prefer having all games on PC to having to buy a PS console as well, and they are still frustrated. It just shows how confused Sony is making their fans by saying nothing on their long term plans. We just see PC ports for random games with no context and no predictable pattern.
My concern is that we need something to compete with Gamepass. PS Now in its current state doesnt properly compete. Too many new XB studios will be releasing too many new games that will be too accessible on day 1 for too cheap. Streaming is already rolling out, and TV apps/sticks are around the corner. Gamepass is the biggest threat on the horizon.
If I had to say right now what I hope to hear… PS Now having all exclusives day 1 (or at least within a few months of launch) and playable on TV and stick, with your digital PS library being downloadable and streamable on PS Now even if you are not subscribed (like Amazon Prime). That would be a VERY competitive, consumer friendly move, so competitive that Id even worry about short term revenue loss while the subscription market grows, but Id have faith in the long term prospects.
This is why PC porting old games doesnt bother me. PS needs to reach beyond console to stay on top. XB forced their hand. I just think PS Now is the way to do it as opposed to mere PC ports, and I hope these old game ports like GoW are intended to market to potential PS Now customers, NOT potential PS5 customers.
If Sony find a different answer than mine, awesome, as long as it works. Im just basically copying XB’s answer. Right now Sony have no answer, not publicly anyway. They just have games, which XB will match better this gen. Last gen when there was no game advantage on PS and hardware differences were negligible, many gamers left XB because the PS4 platform was headed in a better direction. Exclusives are not as important to the majority as the platform in its entirety.
Sony have plenty last gen momentum and the market isnt changing overnight, so they have a couple years minimum, but by then I expect XB to start winning gamers back if the PS platform stagnates.
Fortunately XB still has no VR hardware plans so Sony can take that win for now, but that’s still a minor market and I am sure subscription gaming will grow sooner than VR.
We will be getting PS Plus news soon apparently.. could be something good there. Maybe this will be im the State of Play. Fingers crossed!
Either way Sony will be forced to adapt sooner than later, and gamers will win even though many dont see it yet.
ms hasn’t had a foothold since they started. their best days were halo 2 and 3. …after that reach was ok and now that bungie is out of their claws and left halo 4 was terrible and 5 was a joke. They have no worries mate.
I agree about Halo. I didnt even realize devs were different for 4 and the moment I started controlling Master Chief I knew something was wrong with the feel, and the whole game’s vibe was different. 5 went even further from Halo’s roots. Im not saying the games sucked but I didnt really get my Halo 4 until Destiny. Though XB just bought everything under Bethesda, along with a handful of other devent devs. Halo schmalo. They dont need it. They just cornered the Western RPG market, while frustratingly taking away one of PSVR’s main publishers.
Keep in mind how little exclusivies matter in the grand scheme. Even if another miracle occurs and XB’s new studios all somehow drop the ball, the Gamepass experience is far more accessible, and far cheaper. There are more than enough 3rd party games to take up all the gaming time most gamers even have, and unlike PS Now there are more modern games. Gamepass is on track to be the single most viable option for all those willing to make concessions on game choice in order to save money.
Im about to be getting a mortgage. Gamepass was already in my future due to Starfield, but it may be a more permanent part if Sony cant come close to matching its value.
nah, i’m good after m$ tried to screw me over by withdrawing money on a closed account. only reason i even had an’ s was because a buddy wouldn’t shut up about how great halo still was. what a lie that turned out to be.
Oof yeah that’s a bummer. Halo Infinite once again makes me feel all nostalgic but I’m sure it will be more 343 Industries let down. At least now I’ll be able to play it on Gamepass when I’m playing Starfield instead of buying it to try it.
Third-party games and Sony games are all the same now, both are multiplats.
What to expect from this? More PC ports of course.
No way Sony was getting Bethesda. XB is much more aligned with their interests, most notably open to PC and high end streaming, but also the whole external mods BS Sony pulled. Bethesda would see working for Sony as too great a risk.
Agreed nop.. I love PS and have been patient for years but they are pissing me off. Even with Spiderman 2 and Wolverine, the last showcase was such a disappointment because they gave no hints of where the platform is heading.
don’t worry this sock account will probably be killed off before long just like the other 10 they have used.
Seriously, how much money Valve and Microsoft are paying Jim Ryan?
All you can expect nowadays from Sony are PC ports and price increase.
There hasn’t been a single new announcement for PlayStation made in a very long time that has got me excited or interested in the least.
Seriously. The only title I even want now is the recent Castlevania collection. That’s it.
I seriously don’t care anymore. PS5 has nothing on it I even WANT to play yet. I am so bored of open world fetch quest fests games.
Announce some throwbacks to happier times and I might care.
All they do is damaging news. They will probably announce at this show or later that Spiderman 2 is also a PS4……. and sure why not, PS3 game too lol.
I didn’t care for Spider-Man 1. I have no interest in Spider-Man 2.
Why do people seem to care so much about God of War going to PC? What do you lose from that? More people get to play a game you presumably love, on a platform they enjoy. Good for them, good for PlayStation, and you still played it years before they were able to without a PlayStation.
Let us play our entire playstation digital library on ps5
What is wrong with you lmfao. You sound like a 12 year old with a temper tantrum over NOTHING.
Everyone keep your expectations low, this is a State of Play.
Keep it low unless you play on PC and never supported PlayStation over the years you guys will be fed PS5 ? The worlds most useless console doesn’t need games not even a web browser
The only disgrace here is immature babies like you
I can’t wait either so you’ll stop crying in the comments on here all the time.
Remove the useless PS Plus requirement for play Online!!! Since you are porting everything to PC. FREE ONLINE THERE.
Bruh what Xbox and Zenimax deal was discussed for years and Sony doesn’t have the money to afford that pls stop talking lol
As a lot of the comments have said, I too wonder why we don’t get more Japanese rpg’s in the mix. Always having to wait on Nis or atlus to bring bring them over and you think since Sony is Japan that the NA branch would follow suit. Not that i don’t love the American studios mainly, just get tired of the war game, shooters they have stuck to here. I really hope this state of play is better than the last one, they hyped the last one, and only 2 triple A titles stood out. Hoping to hear about a Sony streaming service with Anime built in.
The majority of people don’t like Japanese games or anime. Adults are finally starting to grow up, and they seem to not care about cartoons and animations. We’ll leave those for the kids, as they should be.
Right. Japanese stuff is for “little children” and depressive NA crap is for the “adults”. Kind of weird how there’s Adult Only rated anime though. Guess no on can legally watch that.
I like how you pull the “most people” line out. Most people adults don’t play games. Most people who do play Fortnite, Genshin, GTA, Sports games and CoD, are those the “mature adult” titles? Is playing those with other 12 year olds in CoD making you feel mature, old man? 🤣
Oh but tell people to stop buying Japanese games to stop them appearing high in charts. Because all those people are making your “most people” theories look ridiculous..
Miser – it’s an opinion of mine. Don’t worry about it, little kid.
Watch your cartoons to cheer you up.
You big whiny baby. 😁
Sony, this is cool and all, but WHEN WILL THE PS4 9.00 UPDATE ISSUES BE FIXED?
There are a TON of users having issues with this most recent update, and they would like to be able to play their PS4 Consoles again at some point in the future.
And its in their interest too, after all they butchered the potential of Horiozn Forbidden West, GT7 and God of War Ragnorok for this very console.
So you think it would be a priority to get them fixed for the 20% sales PS4 is going to get of those game under PS5’s 80% of the sales.
This is their way of forcing you to PS5. You can expect more problems in the future. These problems will worsen.
It’s just like when Apple would update their software to make older devices run much slower, so you would buy their latest phone – which was basically the same phone. Do peole still buy the old boring iphones? No.
It is difficult to have sympathy for PS4 owners right now, though. That system is severely holding back the PS5 from operating at max greatness.
Pc master race begging for PlayStation ports….😂😂😂
Of previous generation games, what a sight to behold…
Probably announce more PC games and movies
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