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The PlayStation Store is running a huge sale on spooky games just in time for this Halloween season. Here are some of the best games being offered.
Whether it's to get into the Halloween spirit or simply to celebrate the cooler weather, October is the perfect time to explore the more hair-raising and sinister side of gaming. Luckily for anyone who's been eyeing a particular title, the PlayStation Store is having a huge Halloween sale with a ton of spooky titles being offered for a fraction of their usual price.
From AAA survival horror games filled with a healthy amount of jump scares to spooky indie gems with memorable soundtracks, there's something there for everyone. Fans of horror games would be remiss if they didn't check out what PlayStation is offering, so here are some must-buy picks from the sale.
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2005's Resident Evil 4 is probably the best in the entire Resident Evil series and is often called one of the best video games ever made. Players once again take control of Leon Kennedy as he travels to a rural village in Spain where a cult has kidnapped the daughter of the American president.
This game was influential to the evolution of the survival horror genre as well as the third-person over-the-shoulder point-of-view style. Every element of the game is nearly flawless, from its story to its voice acting to its gameplay. It's receiving a remake set for release in 2023, but until then, players should take advantage of the generous discount and play this iconic game.
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This follow-up to Don't Starve takes everything that made the first game an indie hit and adapts it for co-op multiplayer play. In this wilderness survival game, players are trapped in a creepy and whimsical Tim Burton-esque world by a demon. Here, they must hunt, farm, and fight to survive.
Something fascinating about Don't Starve Together is that it offers players no instructions or help, so they must rely entirely on themselves to figure out how they're going to survive. This is a great choice for anyone wanting to snag a game to play with someone else, as it has both online and local multiplayer capabilities.
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Evil Dead: The Game is a huge treat for anyone who is a fan of the cult classic, as they can take control of some of the most iconic characters from the film. Even for non-fans, it's worth picking up as it boasts one of the best asymmetrical multiplayer experiences out there right now. While there are some single-player modes, this title is a multiplayer game at heart, and it excels both in its co-op and PVP modes.
Taking the best parts of Left 4 Dead and combining them with the best of Dead by Daylight, this game offers a great cat-and-mouse experience for those people out there who are convinced that they would be able to survive a horror movie.
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Upon its release a few months back, The Quarry made headlines for various elements but especially for its interesting characters and the great voice and motion capture performances of its superstar cast. Inspired by '80s horror classics, this is a spiritual successor to Until Dawn, a previous game released by the developer, Supermassive Games.
This game is definitely narrative-driven, and players make decisions that affect the game's branching storyline as well as character development and relationships. With all nine of the game's playable characters being eligible for death and the existence of hundreds of possible endings, it also has great replay value. This is quite a good discount on one of 2022's best games, so The Quarry is definitely a must-buy.
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If there's one genre that indie games dominate, it's roguelikes, and Cult of the Lamb is definitely one of the best that has been released this year. While it's been compared to a strange variety of games, Cult of the Lamb is incredibly original. There's a lot going on, but essentially, the player is a literal sacrificial lamb who is revived by a demonic entity and must build a cult to support it. It has some gorgeous art and a great soundtrack, but more than that it's a game that feels very fun to play.
There are a ton of other games that are being featured in the sale, but these are a few top picks that are worth spending the cold autumn evenings with. The Halloween sale on the PlayStation Store runs until Nov. 3, so make sure to check it out before then.


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