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Amazon isn’t acquiring EA and Netflix has canceled its Resident Evil show.
It's the finally the weekend, but before you kick back and relax, I have a massive helping of gaming news for you to chow down on. Today's top story was undoubtedly the situation with Amazon and EA, one that ended up with someone categorically denying the rumors of an acquisition.
Apart from that, Netflix unsurprisingly canned its Resident Evil TV show and a little bit of footage of EA's upcoming Need for Speed game seems to have leaked. Read on for all the details.
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A report by GLHF earlier today seemed to suggest that Amazon was getting ready to announce the acquisition of EA, but stock analyst David Faber of CNBC has categorically denied the rumors. On a live TV broadcast, Faber explained he has talked to people who "say there's nothing going on." Neither EA nor Amazon has commented on the situation at the time of writing.
Netflix has reportedly decided to scrap its recently released Resident Evil series after just a single season. The company hasn't publicly stated why the show has allegedly been canceled, but a recent report suggested that it may not be happy with its viewing hours. Resident Evil also happens to be one of the service's worst reviewed shows by audiences, something that definitely won't have helped its case.
EA is yet to officially reveal its upcoming Need for Speed game, but a small amount of footage of the game's anime-inspired elements seems to have leaked online. The video in question features a car attempting to jump through an obstacle, as the background changes and a pair of wings extend from the sides of the car. The car then hits the dirt and a skull and crossbones appears above it.
The release of The Last of Us Part 1 is right around the corner and Naughty Dog has revealed some more improvements over the original. However, instead of showing off the fancy graphics or new AI, we got a good look at some of the game's accessibility options, as The Last of Us Part 1 looks to be the first game ever to implement audio description to help those who are visually impaired.
Finally, the creators of Wild Arms and Shadow Hearts have teamed up to launch a joint Kickstarter to raise funds for spiritual successors to both series. Armed Fantasia and Penny Blood will be developed by the creators and senior developers that worked on Wild Arms and Shadow Hearts, and the campaigm aims to raise $750,000 to fund both projects. However, be aware that the Kickstarter doesn't actually open until August 29.
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