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Look, I’ll be honest: I don’t play a lot of games. Socially, if I’m invited, sure. But I’m not the kind of person who typically goes out of their way to discover new games and encourage people to play them with me. However, I do have a large overlap with those kinds of people, both in my immediate friends circle, and probably in my demographic marketing data profile as well. Which I assume is why I got bombarded with ads for a new board game called the The Last Gig.
However, I am a sucker for that rock n’ roll style, so of course I immediately downloaded The Last Gig’s sourcebook. A board game about being in a touring punk band? Fuck yeah, count me in, that’s my jam!
THE LAST GIG is a 2-4 players party boardgame inspired by real experiences of tour life by artists and musicians of the international punk rock scene
How can I beat my opponents?
There’s only one way to win: go on the stage! Roll the dice, land on tour club and  music festival places and spin the rock wheel!
What else can I do on THE LAST GIG?
You can do everything you usually do when you’re on tour: play your gigs, sell your merch, record a new EP, buy a better backline, hire a roadie or a tour manager, eat food from every part of the World and… have fun with your mates!
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This sounds like so much more fun than actually going on tour and eating the same fast food every day while you breathe in your buddy’s farts as you struggle for sleep. (Did I mention that my own band just added new merchandise to our online store?) It’s also surprisingly realistic, because the life of a touring musician is about as random and chaotic as a roll of the dice anyway.
The Last Gig launches a Kickstarter campaign soon, but the rule book is available as a free download right now, if you want to get a head start on that merch. I know I plan to bring it to my next band practice.
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