'There is a cop hiding behind this sign': Minnesota billboard making people do a double take – WMUR Manchester

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A Minnesota sheriff and a candy store owner came together to create an eye-catching solution to get people to slow down on a busy highway.
Robert Wagner owns Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store off Highway 169, and says lately, people are driving way too fast.
“I’m not going to say it’s road rage, but we experience the people really driving fast around us and it’s just… you know, flying by us,” said Wagner.
Together, Sheriff Luke Hennen and Wagner came up with the idea of putting up a billboard that reads, “Slow down there is a cop hiding behind this sign.”
“We were hoping to impact our local community and now we’re seeing across the nation people are sharing the story and talking about it,” Hennen said about the sign.
And if that isn’t enough to slow people down, the sheriff placed an empty squad car next to it.
The sheriff said that although the cop car by the sign might not have anyone in it, he still has deputies patrolling Highway 169.
Watch the video above to learn more about this story.
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