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The New York Times Company owns The New York Times newspaper, website and app, and several other businesses:
Wirecutter, the recommendation service
The Athletic, the sports news site
New York Times Cooking
New York Times Games, which includes Spelling Bee and Wordle.
Each business operates independently and is sold as a separate subscription, or as part of a bundle with the news site and app. (Wordle is free.) The company makes most of its money from these subscriptions and derives significant revenue from advertisers.
The paper also produces several podcasts, including “The Daily,” which sells sponsorships and ads. In addition, the company owns the podcast producer Serial Productions, as well as Audm, a service that creates audio versions of articles for various publishers.
The Times also publishes The New York Times International Edition, The New York Times Magazine, T: The New York Times Style Magazine and The New York Times Book Review. They all operate within the newsroom and are led by the executive editor.
The company used to own other newspapers, including The Boston Globe, as well as radio and television stations. The Times no longer owns these properties, focusing instead on fewer, digital news brands. The company has made minority investments in other businesses and start-ups, and because The Times has no operational control over these companies, it hasn’t disclosed details of these investments.
The Times owns the majority of its headquarters building in New York City and a printing plant. Both generate revenue. The building rents office space to outside companies, and the plant sells printing services to other publishers.
As a public company, The Times trades under the ticker symbol NYT, but the business is controlled by the Ochs-Sulzberger family through a trust. The publisher, A.G. Sulzberger, is a fifth-generation member of the family.
Additional financial information can be found here.


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