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Want to try out Xbox games before they’re released? Xbox Game Preview could be for you—let’s find out more.
Playing gaming titles before their official release is classically reserved for demos or public betas. But with Xbox, you can do so through Xbox Game Preview. If you are interested in playing numerous titles before they have even been released, then Xbox Game Preview may be for you.
But what is Xbox Game Preview, and what games does it support? Let's find out.
Xbox Game Preview allows you to play work-in-progress titles far before they are released, provide feedback to the game's developers, and help the game towards its official release.
For this reason, many Xbox Game Preview titles may have more general glitches, bugs, or errors, but that's all part of the point of Xbox Game Preview. If you encounter a bug or glitch, you can report it to the developers and positively impact the game's development.
Xbox Game Preview is also a great way to experience titles from smaller, less well-known developers as an early access way for you to play. Even if you aren't interested in troubleshooting bugs, Xbox Game Preview could allow you to play a game far earlier than if you had to wait for its full release.
A great example is the cult title Slime Rancher, a game produced entirely through Xbox Game Preview and whose sequel, Slime Rancher 2, launched almost a full year early on Xbox Game Preview.
And with Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Cloud Gaming, accessing and playing pre-release titles on Xbox Game Preview may not even require purchases or even a console.
However, while Xbox Game Preview is a great way to be involved in developing games and playing titles early, it is also unpredictable due to the unfinished nature of all of its titles.
Luckily, a complete FAQ on Xbox Game Preview, listed on the Xbox website, can help clear up any questions you may have.
If you want to start experiencing Xbox Game Preview, the easiest way to find Game Preview titles is either through your Xbox One or Series S|X console or the official Microsoft store listings.
To find Xbox Game Preview on your Xbox console, follow these steps:
Alternatively, a lot of Game Preview titles are also tied to Xbox Game Pass, another game-centric service Microsoft offers gamers. Utilizing the best features of Xbox Game Pass could make Game Preview titles more accessible for you and generally improve your Xbox experience.
Now you know what Xbox Game Preview is and how to find it, you may want to know what kinds of titles Xbox Game Preview supports.
Generally, Xbox Game Preview supports smaller developers and indie titles. That is not to say, however, that Xbox Game Preview's games aren't worth playing or that the service never has any AAA or mainstream games.
On the contrary, games like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) and 7 Days to Die started life as Xbox Game Preview titles and, through numerous bug fixes and feedback from players, were fully released on consoles.
And despite more widely known titles, Xbox Game Preview is an excellent platform for experiencing lesser-known games you may have missed, like Prodeus, a Doom (1993) inspired FPS with retro graphics.
So, all in all, Xbox Game Preview, much like Xbox Game Pass, is an excellent platform for experiencing a variety of games and broadens your gaming horizons beyond officially released titles.
With Xbox services like Game Preview, Game Pass, and Cloud Gaming giving you numerous options in terms of how and what you play, Xbox also looks to expand its social gaming experience alongside gaming in general.
By linking your Discord to your Xbox, you can experience social gaming cross-platform and experience Game Preview titles, and socialize with players no matter the console.
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