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Credit: Cobi Spencer
Credit: Cobi Spencer
Brendan Orchard, a Xenia native and Cedarville University graduate, is living his best life in Nashville as he tours with country artist Bailey Zimmerman’s band.
Credit: Cobi Spencer
Credit: Cobi Spencer
Zimmerman is making history with his latest debut “Leave The Light On.” The EP earned the title of the most streamed all genre debut of 2022 and was also the biggest streaming country debut to date, according to Music Mayhem Magazine.
Orchard, 26, joined Zimmerman’s band as a guitarist in May after touring with country artist Drew Green for nearly a year.
“It’s living the dream,” Orchard said. “I wake up every day just very grateful and I love life every single day.”

Orchard explained he knew he wanted to play guitar at live shows after going to his first concert in 2013.
“(I) knew right then and there I wanted to do nothing else,” Orchard said.
After he graduated college with a degree in music, he moved to Nashville. He described the move as “the hardest decision of my life by far.”
He explained prior to leaving Xenia, he had been living comfortably with his parents and not having to pay bills. When he moved to Nashville, he had zero gigs and suddenly a lot of bills. For a year and a half, Orchard worked in a warehouse “hating it every day but knowing it’s going to be worth it.”
“That was a really hard year, but I’m very grateful for that time,” Orchard added.
When he wasn’t working at the warehouse, he was practicing and networking in Music City.
“(Nashville) gets real small real fast and everybody kind of knows everybody,” Orchard said.
Credit: Cobi Spencer
Credit: Cobi Spencer
Close connections led to him joining Zimmerman’s band. Orchard explained he was friends with Zimmerman’s band leader, Chris Chiarcos, and ended up playing a few shows.
“I had no clue what it was,” Orchard said. “Literally my friend just hit me up and said, “We have these shows, are you free?” and I said, “yes.” Then you play the shows and get to know Bailey more and realize this guy’s awesome. He’s working really hard and he has a great thing going.”
Orchard’s advice to young musicians is to prioritize practicing and mastering your instrument.
“Figure out what you love to do and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it,” Orchard said. “Go make it happen because literally anything can happen.”
Orchard said his parents were very supportive of him following his dreams, particularly exposing him to music at an early age. He said his father plays the drums and loves ‘80s rock bands and his mother plays the piano and flute.
He said what he likes about music the most is that it can speak to people in ways nothing else can.
“I’m just so grateful to get to play guitar and have these people experience a night,” Orchard said. “There’s something special about live music.”

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